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Poetry is the voice of the silent, and the power to the weak. It has allowed me to explain my feelings in words. Emotions poured from the heart into every syllable creating a beautiful masterpiece each specific to me, its creator. Each word is delicately placed in line and meant to pull on the heartstrings of the reader. It allows others to feel my happiness, my sorrows, my worries, and so much more. Poetry is a passion of mine, and I want to share some of it with you. I am choosing to be vulnerable and letting you see what it dearest to me. Please, be kind. Here are five pieces of poetry that I wrote.

1. Stardust | October 4, 2017

I dedicate this one to anyone who has ever felt death's cold hands take someone too soon.

When I was a child I thought that stardust was what stars left behind when they died. If they disappeared from the night sky, there would still be traces of them in the galaxy, creating new constellations to fill the void. You were once a star in my galaxy, but you vanished and when you did you left star dust on all the places in my mind where the memories of you resided. I love you, my little star.

2. To the Boy I Thought I Loved | July 5, 2014

I dedicate this one to the boy whose heart I broke to repair mine.

Even though I didn't love you, It still hurt me when I said my goodbyes. When I said my farewell I saw the tears in your eyes and could feel the pain I caused you. I knew it all too well. I had felt that same agony when he left. As we embraced for the last time I could hear your heart breaking into a million pieces. Even though I broke your heart, you didn't burn with a hatred of me. Just like me, you became numb. When we departed I realized the roles reversed. I was the heartbreaker, the one whose name you would wince at, and you were just another heart I had broken along the way. I am sorry that I broke your heart trying to fix my own.

3. Unconditional Love | September 29, 2015

I dedicate this one to the woman who has always shown me love.
They say only God can love someone unconditionally, that as humans we aren't capable of such love. However, you've given me just that. No matter what I have said, done, or thought you still love me. I am part of you just as much as you are a part of me. When no one else was there you were. You would hold me, wipe my tears, and remind me that everything would be ok. Why? You loved me. You mean more to me than anyone else in this world. Thank you for being my number one fan. I love you, Mom.

4. When He Met His Match | December 28, 2013

I dedicate this one to the boy who thought he was too bad for love till he met me.
He thought he was invincible and unsusceptible to love. He played girls as if they were pieces in chess each only a pawn in the game he orchestrated for his pleasure. He seduced many with promises of love only to give lies and betrayal. Till one day he met a worthy advisory that was not so easily swayed by his charade. She turned him away with the swipe of her hand. Unable to give up, he continued to try and win her affections. As time progressed it no longer was about his next conquest, and things began to change. His legs would become weak at the sight of her. His stomach would engulf with butterflies at the mention of her name. His heart would race at the slightest touch of her hand. No one understood what happened to this cynic of love. They would ask what was it about her that made her special enough to change who you were. With three simple words, he replied, "I love her."


Read with caution if you have ever been victim to domestic violence, verbal abuse, sexual assault, or depression.

National Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-898-3234

National Sexual Assault Hotline: 1-800-656-4673

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

5. Held You in Those Moments | November 19, 2017

I dedicate to this to women who stay with their abuser, who were violated, who self-harm, who are a victim of verbal abuse, and who are crying themselves to sleep.

Your skin purple and black
covered by claims of love
blow and blow
but still, you stay
I wish I could have held you in those moments

When his hands crept along your skin
violating your body
you wanted to scream but your mouth stayed closed
as he opened your legs
I wish I could have held you in those moments

Your wrist covered with scars
some old some new
each with their own story to tell
I wish I could have held you in those moments

When he made you feel worthless
undeserving of love
you believed him
I wish I could have held you in those moments

You cry yourself to sleep clenching your pillow
tears staining your face
the nights seem longer colder even
I wish I could have held you in those moments

When you couldn't see a tomorrow I would have painted you a future
When you felt the darkness closing in I would have shined a light
When you thought you were nothing I would have told you, "You are everything"
I wish I could have held you in those moments

Thank You

If you have made it this far, thank you for reading, and I hope you liked them.

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