So, today the northeast is being slammed with another nor'easter and I bet everyone is excited if they got off work and school. However if you're chronically cold like I am this is probably a rough day for you no matter where you are. Our biggest excitement will be keeping our power today so we don't lose the heat. Here are 5 more struggles of a chronically cold girl.

1. You Need Like 100 Blankets

Even if you had 100 you would still need more. I sleep with three blankets and I need like 200 more because otherwise I'll freeze. Oh, and body parts sticking out of the blanket. Yeah, forget about that foot Cindy, it's frostbitten. You need to cut it off prospector style now.

2. Space Heater? More Like Foot Warmers!

Let's be honest, we need a small army of these to even think about heating our lower body. Then we need one of those things that blasts hot air on you in the grocery store for above where you're sitting to heat the top of your body. Then you need the fire department on speed dial for when things inevitably go south.

3. You Have to Wear Full Winter Gear to Work at Your Desk

Gloves? Check. Snow Suit? Check. Mom's Faux Fur Coat? Check! Plus the other 30 t-shirts, leggings and pants you piled on this morning. You'll probably have to get out your early spring parka too!

4. No Amount of Hot Beverages Can Save You

Even though Starbucks' symbol is literally a Pagan goddess, she can't save you from your coffee turning cold and you having to microwave it so you don't freeze. Even then, it will only placate the frost demons for so long.

5. All Your Joints Hurt

Because the cold is penetrating deep into your soul and unsettling your bones. Or you actually just have arthritis and there's no cartilage to speak of in your joints, so the cold is like an ice pick to the knee.