Mmm, sweet summertime! We all reach toward this time of the year; especially children, teenagers and young adults who are consumed with school work approximately nine other months of the year. These three months, we all desire due to the numerous vacations, activities, and beautiful weather.

However, the sunny weather often comes with something far less desirable. Sun burns!

1. Wow, you're really sun burnt!

Really? I had no idea... The constant reminder that you are "as red as a tomato," as if you are not stuck seeing it in the mirror and feeling the burn all day.

2. Oooh the nicknames...

As if the suffering isn't bad enough, people always tend to give us fried ones nicknames through the process. Lovely nicknames of which include, tomato, lobster, crab, oh and even in my case, "hotdog." Joyous, right?

3. Aloe is a savior.

Whoever invented Aloe has to be making the big bucks during summertime! Regardless of whether it is the lotion or gel variety, Aloe is a must have whenever you catch yourself absorbing too many rays.

4. Can't forget about the tan lines!

The sun is in your eyes, so of course you grab your favorite pair of sunglasses. However, the "coon eye" tan line is by far one of the most attractive burns or tans one can receive. Oh, and you cannot forget about probably the most popular farmer's tan. Most athletes receive this due to their uniforms, and it is most definitely one of the hardest to even out. So, for the rest of the year, you are stuck with the upper half of your arm much lighter than the rest. Therefore, if you are wearing anything other than your swim suit, you will probably receive some form of an embarrassing tan line.

5. Peeling, blisters, bubbles and so much more.

All of the above sound fantastic right? You apply Aloe over and over again hoping to try to turn that horrible burn into a tan. However, the peeling and blistering appears and all of that work peels off along with your skin. Yes, disgusting!

OK OK OK, sun burns aren't ALWAYS that terrible. The majority of the time, you will end up with a little pink tone to your skin and it will be all back to normal by the next day. Or even after all that suffering of not wanting to wear clothes or not being able to sleep comfortably, if you are lucky, your burn will peel or fade into your desired tan.

For you lucky people out there who absolutely never burn, embrace the rays because we are all very jealous of you!

But regardless of the sun burns, enjoy your summer break and make the most of your time with all of your friends back home. Make and cherish your memories, because pretty soon you will be back at school and soon you will be hard at work without those breaks (unless you're going to be a teacher, like me!)