It's officially Spring when you know Easter is right around the corner. Easter is the second biggest Holiday that we wait for after Christmas ends. Easter is the time when rain falls and flowers bloom. Easter is when the Bunny comes out and chocolate eggs are left around for you to find. Easter is a time for you to get together with friends and family and celebrate, but what can you do to get ready for Easter or on the big day? Here are 5 must Dos for Easter.

1. Easter Egg Dyeing

How do those eggs even get colored? Well, it's called easter egg dyeing for a reason. You need to get hard-boiled eggs and the Easter Egg Dying kit. Once you retrieve those items you can dye the Easter eggs any color you would like, as long as they are bright. For instance neon colors and highlighter colors such as bright green, teal, or neon yellow. Also, little stickers come with the kit and a white crayon so you can write something on your egg. After you are done, put them in the fridge to dry then you can peel the eggs and eat them!

2. Easter Egg Hunting

Who doesn't love to hunt for eggs that have money or chocolate inside them? The Easter bunny lays the eggs all over your yard or inside your house and you must go out to catch all of them. You may have a certain color you catch or you may catch every color eggs. Once they are caught, you may open then and either eat what's in it or take the money.

3. Spring Shopping

Winter clothes need to go, but what clothes do you have left? That's why before Easter, on Easter, whatever you need to go shopping. Whether it be for those new high-waisted shorts or that spring dress, you need it. And hey, shopping is fun, right?

4. Easter Baskets

Do you remember when you used to wake up for Easter and when you would run downstairs you had an Easter basket waiting for you? There would be chocolate bunnies, your favorite candy, little peeps, and maybe some toys waiting for you. Whether it would be a bike or a basketball, you always got something cool out of your basket. If your parents have stoped giving you an Easter Basket, it doesn't mean you can't make one for someone else or that you can't order one online. Getting an Easter Basket is essential, just like getting presents on Christmas, it nevers goes out of style.

5. Brunch

It's Easter Day, and you have already gone Easter egg hunting and now you're starving, however, it's a weird time, late morning, but early afternoon. You may want to go to brunch, a combination of breakfast and lunch.