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If you ever stumble upon the Jersey shore, be sure to stop by these places.

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Whether you have never been to Ocean City, or you spend every summer on the island like me, these are five of my favorite places to go to grab a quick bite to eat. The east coast is known for their food and these places never disappoint, especially after a long day well spent at the shore.

1. Kessel's Korner

Located at the corner of Asbury Avenue and 28th Street, Kessel's is the perfect place to pop in for a bite to eat at any hour of the day. On weekends you can find this diner packed with people waiting outside the door and halfway down the block. My dad is convinced that they make the best blueberry pancakes on the face of the earth. Nine times out ten you can find me at Kessel's at night ordering ice cream or a milkshake. There is not a flavor on the menu that I would not recommend (peanut butter ripple would have to be my favorite if you were wondering which I order every other time I go). The line is usually a ten to fifteen minute wait,but it's definitely worth it. You can choose between regular ice cream or soft serve and everything is reasonably priced. When

2. Ocean City Coffee Co.

Need a caffeine kick or your new favorite coffee spot? Ocean City Coffee Co. is the perfect place to get your coffee fix. The atmosphere is everything you expect from a coffee shop and just a five minute walk from the beach. I drink coffee on occasion depending on what it is or where it's from,but this place is hands down my favorite coffee. (Maybe I'm biased to say this because Ocean City is my favorite place but the coffee is pretty darn good).

3. Jilly's French Fry Factory

The first place I ever tried on the boardwalk six summers ago was Jilly's. They sell thick cut fries in a bucket (they're the seagulls second favorite french fries on the boards right behind Chickie and Pete's infamous crab fries). Jilly's has an array of dipping sauces for your beloved snack besides the fan favorite of ketchup such as hot sauce and vinegar. They are known for being thick, crispy and crinkly, and these fries deliver on all three. I have never once had a soggy or traditionally thin french fry from Jilly's, and I can't stay away anytime I'm on the boardwalk. If you're in the mood for something sweet (and totally unhealthy, but you're on vacation so who cares?!?) Jilly's also sells deep fried candy bars. Whether you're looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth or a salty fix, Jilly's never seems to disappoint.

4. Shriver's Gelato

My family and I have been spending our summers in Ocean City for the past six years. My cousin and I more than likely walked past Shriver's some fifty times before finally going inside. Little did we know that we would quickly become obsessed with this gelato. They offer an array of flavors that are both decadent and light. You look into the glass at all the tubs of gelato and your mouth instantly begins to water. The serving sizes are small and filling so you feel like you're indulging but not overindulging not to mention gelato has less fat than ordinary ice cream and more flavor. I highly recommend trying Banana, Very Berry Sorbet, or Fruitti Di Bosco.

5. Three Brothers Pizza

Any night that my family and I go down to the boardwalk we always grab pizza for dinner. Everyone always wants Manco & Manco pizza but I always go straight to Three Brothers. The pizza is everything I expect from east coast pizza; a huge slice, doughy thin crust, and good, gooey cheese on top. I take the slice (that's roughly twice the size of my head) and fold it in half and devour it. Boardwalk pizza is the best part about the boardwalk and there are dozens of pizza places to choose from but I will always pick Three Brothers.

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