5 Moments Every College Student Has on Finals Week

It's that time of year again. The time of year when your whole semester can go to crap thanks to a few exams. The libraries and testing labs are packed, the students are panicking, and a dark cloud has settled over campus. You'd think that by my third year in college i'd have finals week in the bag. That i'm some sort of pro. Yeaahhhh no. Finals week still manages to send me into a blind panic - no matter how many times i've had to live through it. While I can't promise you that you'll make it through this week completely unscathed I can illustrate these moments with some helpful tips.

1. Sitting there and realizing just how much stuff you have to do.

Yeah, this is just a given. There's no way you can avoid the almost unbearable workload that comes with finals week. If it makes you feel any better, almost the entire campus is right there with you. It's one thing, getting everything done, but to get it all done WELL?. Yeah that sounds almost impossible.

TIP: Make lists and prioritize.

2. Having to temporarily give up your social life

I want to to point out that this is especially difficult if you live NEXT TO THE BARS or in an area where there's a lot of partying going on. My apartment, for example is actually connected to the most popular campus bar. Therefore it's almost impossible to avoid and tune out all the fun i'm almost definitely missing out on. So unless you're one of those rare people who can party and ace your finals, you're going to be staying in for a bit.

TIP. Enjoy all the time you get to spend curled up in bed in your sweats and remind yourself of of all the money you're saving by not going out.

3. Unconventional, Irrational and sometimes scary eating habits

The amount of delivery drivers I see in the library during finals week is straight up scary. For some reason, nothing makes us want to eat more than sheer school-related panic. Our campus coffee shops actually have later hours during finals and midterms to accommidate all the caffine deprived college kids who've been living at the library.

TIP: live your life, just don't break the bank or OD on coffee while doing it.

4. All night study sessions

Finals week at the library is a zoo. Regardless of what floor you're on, the tables are packed with stressed college kids. I've seen many a person sleep in there. Weather you're with your go-to-group or you like to study by yourself, you can't escape those cram sessions. Staying up all night with a steady supply of coffee and study guide has become my usual study method. Is it painless? - No. Is it effective? - YES

TIP: Take. Naps.

5. The general atmosphere of chaos and panic on campus

During finals week a cloud sets over campus. There's something in the air. The day to day bustle gets even more intense. Everywhere you look, someone is stressing over a final, a class, a professor. People are sleeping in the library, studying while waiting in those massive lines to return textbooks. How exactly are we supposed to ace these things , and pass these classes when we're also dealing with general day-to-day stress of being a college student?

TIP : Whenever finals week rolls around, I take comfort in the fact that i'm not alone in my panic. There's a whole campus and community that's right there with me.

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