5 Mobile Puzzle Games To Distract Yourself
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5 Mobile Puzzle Games To Distract Yourself

Whether you're bored or just don't want to think about anything else, these five puzzle games on the Apple Store are just what you're looking for.

5 Mobile Puzzle Games To Distract Yourself

As the number of coronavirus cases increase, many find that they have to remain at home. Here's a list of great puzzle apps to pass the time and entertain your brain! (These are available on the Apple App Store.)

Logic Pic

This is an app I have been playing for about three years now. Logic Pic is an app where the player has to use grids and numbers to fill in square-or-rectangle-framed pictures, creating pixel art illustrations at the end of each game. They have hundreds, or even thousands, of levels to consume. They have daily levels and an expert mode. Logic Pic is one of my favorite apps of all-time.

Real Kakuro

Real Kakuro is a puzzle game that has hundreds of levels in addition to different difficulties ranging from easy to expert. Kakuro is a game that is somewhat similar to sudoku in that you can only have one of a number per row or column. However, in kakuro, the numbers must add up to the stated sum.

Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku takes the rules of kakuro and blends them with the rules of sudoku. In sudoku, the player must have only one of each number in each row, column, and box. Killer Sudoku goes a bit further by grouping the numbers into sums similar to kakuro.

Jigsaw HD

Jigsaw HD has hundreds of colorful jigsaw puzzles. With counts of up to 440 pieces, this app will surely have your attention for hours on end.


Linkdoku is an app where the player has to make bridges to other numbered circles using logic. Every circle must be used.

With these puzzle games, you should never be bored!

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