5 Kinds Of People You Will Meet At Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World, a cluster of magic and wonder. Beware, it is also a crazy, fast-paced theme park with thousands of people visiting every single day from all over the world. So when you enter this boiling pot, there are so many different types of people you will meet that I promise you won't forget....here are just a few:

1) The "we're on a time crunch family"

This family has their vacation mapped out, right down to when the eat their Mickey bars. You will normally see this family sprinting toward Kilimanjaro Safaris, Expedition Everest, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train or Tower of Terror right away in the morning. They will stop a cast member quickly and once they get the response you barely have time to comprehend what just happened. Let's just hope for their sake that it doesn't rain.

2) The Disney diehards

These guests have all of the rarest merchandise and know the parks like the back of their hand. They are practically cast members and cry at almost every parade, show and ride and they are constantly on the hunt for their next merchandise find. Keep these friends close, they always know the cool little crooks and crannies within your adventure.

3) The Cast Member

These guests will occasionally roam the parks alone. They will greet everyone with a smile and sometimes their inner cast member will emerge at the most random times. So don't be alarmed when someone overhears a concern, turns around with a smile and two finger points you in the right direction.

4) The "i got dragged here by my girlfriend" boyfriend

You will usually see this pair taking a selfie in front of the castle and shortly after watch her grab his arm and pull him throughout the park. He'll even don a pair of ears just to please her, even if he doesn't enjoy Disney. Ladies, keep this one close.

5) The kid who overdosed on sugar

Usually you'll either see this kid speeding through legs of the people in front of them, weaving through the crowd and further away from their family. You usually see the residue of a mickey bar on their face and a cronut in their hand, and of course....their very tired parents trudging behind. Bless these parents. Learn from these mistakes.

So keep your eye out for all of these interesting people and have a magical day ♥

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