Sometimes, you just want to come home after a long day of school, work or internship and decompress. In the season of moving for most college students, many people are already pinterest-ing away with plans for their new room layout. It's not just a space change, it's a lifestyle change for most. A lot of people get in the same spirit as they do around the start of the year. You know, "new room, new me". Here's how to turn yours into the ultimate

A Salt Lamp

Lighting sets the mood, and this is one of the most calming ways to put good vibes in your space. Salt lamps offer a subtle glow that will relax your mind. Check them out here here.

An Essential Oil Diffuser

Besides it's many health benefits, an essential oil diffuser will cause your room to smell better than the average college student. Scents can be purchased fairly inexpensively on ,amazon, so students, rejoice!


Again, scented calmness. When's the last time you turned off all of your lights and just let candles burn? Try not to fall asleep like this, but you'll surely be tempted.

A Very Soft Blanket

Need I say more?


Twinkle Lights

There's truly no better way to light a room.


What does your college room sanctuary look like? Join the conversation and share your photos and Pinterest links in the comments!