5 Invention That The World Needs

Sometimes I think of things that would be very useful for my everyday life, and think "it's 2017, why does this not exist yet?" These are things that everybody would find helpful, and should be invented ASAP, because they'd be super nice to have around.

1) Car that Has Button to Turn It Into Bed/ Motorcycle.

I always think about this when I'm stuck in traffic, and this should be possible with modern technology by now. We all need a button in our cars so that when traffic hits, we can transform our car into a motorcycle and zoom through the traffic and arrive to our destinations on time. Another feature that would be nice on this magic button transformer thing would be the ability to turn our cars into a bed. Sometimes when I'm driving I get really tired, and it would be nice to be able to drive laying down. Just saying, it can't just be me.

2) Three Way FaceTime.

With all six thousand iOS updates that we've had, we still don't have the ability to make a three way FaceTime call. I am aware that there are other resources available to make three way video chat calls, but I believe that Apple should be ahead of times, or at the very least, up to date. This would be helpful when collaborating on a project, or when practicing a dance or song together. So many times I find myself needing a three way FaceTime call, and it just isn't an option. :(

3) Copy and Paste history.

Maybe it's just me, but I always seem to copy something with the intention to paste it, and then end up forgetting and copying something new without pasting the old thing. Then, the old thing is lost forever, and I'm frustrated. A simple feature that I think many people would love is a copy and paste history to look at previously copied items.

4) Closet like the one from Clueless.

If you're a girl, then you likely understand the frequent frustration that is typically associated with trying to pick out an outfit. There are some days when I just want to wear all black or all grey because I can't think of one single creative or cute thing to wear. Although, it's not because I don't have the right pieces, it's just that sometimes I can't envision the right ways to put the outfits together. If I had a closet like the one Cher has I Clueless, then I would have many less stressful morning, and would be futuristic and super ahead of my time.

5) Kitchen that cooks/ make smoothies for you.

Ever since I saw the movie Smart House, I've been waiting for a kitchen like the one in the movie that can cook and make smoothies. My life would be much easier if my kitchen cleaned, cooked, and made me smoothies, because smoothies are important. We would just need a little button we could hit, and then you say what kind of smoothie you want, and your smart kitchen blends it up and serves it on the counter.

All of these inventions would be very useful to my life, and I believe that they should already exist.These inventions would really change the game, so let's start making them!

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