Are you looking to hire a professional SEO company? If yes, you have to look into a few things before hiring one. Instead of just looking at the cost of the package, you have to look at a few others factors as well before making a decision about hiring the SEO company.

We will share with you a few tips which would help you in hiring the right kind of search engine optimisation company.

1. History of the company:

The search engine algorithms are always changing. Instead of just sticking to a new company because it is more affordable, you have to go for a company which is established and experienced. This would ensure that even if the algorithms of the search engine change, the company would be able to rank your website since they have tackled the changes in the search engine algorithm in the past. That is why, instead of going for a completely new company, you have to go for experienced one.

2. Previously ranked projects:

Before hiring a search engine optimisation company, you have to look at their previous projects. You have to look at the rankings which they have achieved for their previous customers. Once you are able to look into them, you would realize what is the company capable of.

3. Kind of customer support:

During the course of your search engine optimisation campaign, there would be plenty of times when you would need the help of the company. At such times, you would be contacting the customer support. That is why you have to also look at the level of support which is provided by the company. If the level of support is quick and helpful, you can be sure that in the future as well whenever you are contacting the support you would be able to get your queries resolved.

4. Type of back links:

Instead of just looking at the number of backlinks which they would make, you have to look at the type of backlinks. Once you look at the type of backlinks, you would understand whether they are providing you with quality backlinks or whether they are just providing you with a high quantity of backlinks. When you look at the strategy, you would be able to understand whether it is a good strategy or not. You have to ideally always opt for backlinks which are of high quality.

5. Timeframe:

Even though SEO campaigns can easily take 5 to 6 months to rank the website (but if the company is quoting you somewhere around 1 year to 18 months) then you should avoid that company. As the timeframe of the SEO plans increases, so would the budget. That is why you need a company which is able to rank you in the medium timeframe. You have to discuss the timeframe with the company in advance so that you can be sure that they would be able to rank to according to the deadlines which you have.

So, when you are hiring an SEO company for ranking your website, these are the 5 things which you should always keep in mind.