Five Types Of Haunted House Personalities

Halloween weekend has arrived, and the frights are just getting started. You don't have to look too hard to find a haunted house somewhere in your vicinity, and, personally, they're one of my favorite parts of Halloween. If I'm being honest, haunted houses and I have a love/hate relationship, but in the end, I always love a good scare. Another thing I love about haunted houses is the variety of different people you see, and with a variety of people, you have a variety of reactions. Everyone reacts to being scared in different ways, but there are always a few very distinct personalities you see when going through a haunted house.

1. The Screamer

Of course. There's always a screamer. The ones that release the kraken every time anything jumps out at them. Many times, the screamer will startle me more than whatever is supposed to actually scare me. They're also probably the most common personality that you will see. Even if you don't classify yourself as one, you definitely know at least one.

2. The Runner

Ah, yes. The one's who run at even the slightest of noises. If you're in a group, this is the one who is out a good minute before the rest. If you're in a pair, the runner WILL leave you behind to fend for yourself. It's going to happen. Sorry.

3. The Jumper

Personally, jumper's usually make me laugh the hardest. Mainly because when they jump, it tends to end with fist's up in a defensive position, or hands clutched to their chests, followed by an: "Oh ---- ". You can fill in the blank. If I were to put myself under one of these categories, this would be me. I'm a jumper, and if you touch me, I'm a puncher. I can't help it, it's just how I react. My haunted house vocabulary changes, but usually sticks with phrases such as "Freak." and "Shh- Sh- Sh."

4. The Reasoner

This is the guy that talks to the actors in the haunted house and tries to reason with them. My other favorite. What makes them so funny is their commentary, which almost always makes no sense. The idea that these people aren't going to scare you because you're talking to them and asking them not to is completely ridiculous. Yet, for some people it's their natural reaction. A lot of them go through and point out every single thing about it trying to prepare themselves for anything that might jump out. Others like to reprimand the actors after they've been scared with things like "Real original!" or "Nice try!", as if to imply that they weren't scared at all. Yeah right.

5. The Poker Face

This is the one that irritates me the most. That person who decides they're gonna straight-face the whole thing and can actually do it, thus sufficiently making you feel ridiculous every time you jump and they don't. Well guess what? We see you holding in your breath. We know you're really scared. You're not fooling anyone, pal. Psh.

Maybe you can identify with one of these personalities. Maybe you're a combination of a few of them. Maybe you wouldn't consider yourself to be any of these (which would really surprise me). Most people have a little bit of at least one of these in them. So try it out! Find yourself a good haunted house this Halloween and see which one you and your friends are!

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