5 Chill Spots For Hanging Out At FSU

Welcome back to campus. Whether you're new to campus or have been here for a while, you're probably ready to chill and hang out with your friends. If you have been on campus before, you might already have all your favorite hang out spots but if you are new you are probably still looking for the best places to hang out. Here are five places on campus that are great for hanging out.

1. Landis Green.

Landis Green is a great place to hang out on campus, especially after the weather gets nicer. The nice thing about Landis Green is there is always something going on. You'll rarely find it empty. Whether you want to read a book, study, or throw a frisbee, Landis is a great place to go.

2. Askew Student Life Center.

The Askew Student Life Center is another great place to hang out with friends. This is a great location to hang out because there is so much to do. The Student Life Center is home to the movie theater, pottery classes, and video games. The best part is that it's all inside so even when it's cold out, it's a great place to have fun and keep warm.

3. Sweet Shop.

If you are looking for a chill spot to hang out, look no further than Sweet Shop. Sweet Shop is a popular coffee shop close to campus. It's great for studying and hanging out with your friends. Not to mention, the food is always pretty good.

4. The Den.

The Den is another great place on campus where you can hang out and enjoy some food with your friends. The best part about The Den on campus is that it is open 24 hours. No matter the time, you can always go there.

5. The Rez.

The Rez is a great spot near campus to visit once the weather starts to get warmer. The Rez has a variety of different activities available to students such as beach volleyball, rock climbing, and kayaking.

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