1. Trick or Treating

Let's face it, this is a classic that should be socially acceptable at any age. I remember passing out candy with my family at my home when I was thirteen, and my classmates would come up in a costume wanting candy. I remember giving them the candy reluctantly, because it was meant for the cute first graders dressed as pumpkins and superheroes. But now, I applaud these youths; take advantage of that free candy and apologize to your dentist later. Even though I can't afford candy as a college student to just give away, I would still go to Walmart and by some Sour Patch Kids if my dorm told us we were trick or treating from room to room. Iowa State University and colleges everywhere, bring this back.

2. Homemade Costumes by Mom

Peep the witch's pink crocs

I have gotten so many questions about what I'm going to be for Halloween for the past MONTH. MONTH I tell you. And do I have a costume yet? No. Is Halloween soon? Yes. I miss the days when my mom worried about what I would be while I worried about which cartoon I was gonna watch next. Here is a picture of me in fourth grade (my prime) with a homemade costume by my wonderful mother. To be honest, I don't remember what I was suppose to be, but it is still the best costume I have rocked on Halloween.

3. Disney Halloween Movies

Although these movies still exist, they are not the same as the classic "Halloweentown" sequels. Why are these not on Netflix? Beats me, because I would watch them daily with the little free time I have. (Check out the trailer of Return to Halloweentown) to bring back old memories.) I am not a fan of scary movies myself, so these new movies coming out in theaters are not my jam. Therefore, if you own ANY of the old Halloween movies from Disney Channel, please let me know.

4. Halloween Vines

Vine in general should come back, but my favorite vine of all time is the little girl saying, "It's Friggin' bats, I love Halloween." This girl is my spirit animal. She embodies everything I represent in the month of October. Vine, please exist again, because looking vines up on Youtube is just not the same.

5. Classroom Halloween Parties

Midterms are over, and if you're anything like me, you're feeling like being yourself for Halloween, because I look like a zombie. Do you know what would really lift my spirits? A class Halloween party in college. Professors, there are so many benefits to this idea:

1. Class attendance would be the highest it's been all semester.

2. You get candy in class.

3. It would boost the morale of the whole university.

4. Students would respect you more, and in the long run, try harder in your class.

The last one might be a long shot, but the possibility is there. I will give you a high five if you bring me candy to class on October 31st.

I hope this article took you a trip down memory lane, and maybe some new ideas you plan on bringing back. October is almost over, which means the scaries disappear and CHRISTMAS IS COMING! You folks got this, the school year is almost halfway over (not really but just pretend it is).