In recent years, film studios have been more and more keen on making movie crossovers with popular characters. Ever since Marvel proved that the cinematic universe can bring in big bucks, other studios have dedicated themselves to bringing their cinematic crossover visions to life. We, of course, know about DC's cinematic universe, but there are also plans for King Kong/Godzilla and Transformers cinematic universes. However, this isn't the first time cinematic crossovers have graced the silver screen. The classic Universal Monster movies were technically the first time film goers experienced a cinematic universe. In the 2000's, films like Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator made some good money. These instances have established horror as the unlikely pioneer in cinematic crossovers. So, in honor of Halloween (which is basically Crossover Central when you think about it), I am going to list 5 horror crossovers that would make for awesome movies

5. Jack Torrance vs Patrick Bateman (The Shining, American Psycho)

They don't come more unhinged than these two guys. A battle between these two lunatics would make some really bloody fun. It would also be a way of getting Joker vs Batman without it being Joker vs Batman, which is pretty cool too.

4. The Joker vs Hannibal Lecter (The Dark Night, Silence of The Lambs)

Speaking of The Joker, the Heath Ledger version would make an awesome opponent to cinema's most infamous cannibal. This crossover also contains arguably the most obvious setup out of this list. You can have Commissioner Gordon approaching Lecter for advice in hunting down the Clown Prince of Crime. A battle between Joker's brilliant anarchy and Lecter's disturbing, eloquent understanding of the criminal mind would be a chess match for the ages.

3. Ash vs The Terminator (Evil Dead, The Terminator)

Bruce Campbell vs Arnold Schwarzenegger? A battle between the most cheesy (but bad-ass) action stars of all time? What's not to love?

2. Pennywise vs Freddy Kruger (It, Nightmare on Elm Street)

When you think about, Pennywise and Freddy have a lot in common. They are both supernatural monsters who use people's fears to support their killing ways. On top of that, despite being scary as hell, they do seem to enjoy some goofy antics. To top things off, there were plans for Pennywise to transform into Freddy during the movie (which obviously didn't happen). So yeah, this a battle that NEEDS to happen.

1. Universal Monsters vs Classic Slashers

Anybody who loves Halloween will tell you that this would be the crossover to end all crossovers. For many horror fans, the classic Universal Monsters fighting the classic slasher villains is to them what Marvel vs DC is to comic books. It is a battle that is unlikely to happen on official terms, but that does not stop horror fans from wanting to see this colossal showdown.