5 Good Things About Fred's Reopening
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5 Good Things About Fred's Reopening

It's the talk of the campus.

5 Good Things About Fred's Reopening
Halle Blum

For all the Ann Arbor residents, hearing that Fred’s was reopening became the talk of the campus. Within the first 24 hours of its opening, it was on all of my social news feeds, so of course, I had to try it. Yes, it was worth the hype. Here are a few things I have noticed since the re-opening of Fred’s.

1. Instagramable Food

I am sure everyone reading can attest to this, everyone has been instagraming their Fred’s. Whether it be the avocado toast, acai bowls, or rice bowls, you have definitely seen it on your Instagram newsfeed. As they say, the phone eats first!

2. Place to eat healthy

I’m sure most people don’t go to Fred’s with the intent of eating healthy, however, they definitely have a wide range of healthy options. In college, there are not many of these places so it is always good to have the option.

3. Place to put on your snapchat story

If you haven’t seen at least one persons Fred’s snapchat story, I would say you are lying. Yes, when I went to Fred’s I did post it on my snapchat story, but so did the other four people I was with. Do the math; it adds up.

4. A place to do your work

Although I am someone who likes sitting in a library or quiet space, when I walked into Fred’s I saw a bunch of people doing work and group projects. So, if you are trying to switch up your study routine, try out Fred’s!

5. Of course, a place to get good food

Last, but certainly not least, Fred’s is a place to just get good food with friends. It really does taste as good as it looks!

As you can see, Fred’s reopening has taken Ann Arbor by storm. If you have not been yet, I highly recommend. But first, go on Instagram and look at all the unbelievable food pictures.

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