2018 was different for everyone, but the general consensus could be pretty bleak. However, a new year means a chance to improve and start over in a way, leaving lots of room for hope and goals.

1. Put in more effort

Whatever you do, do it 100%. Don't half attempt something and then regret it later. Put in more effort!!!

2. Try something new

You don't have to completely change your interests in hobbies but maybe next time at your favorite restaurant, order something you've always wanted to try!

3. Drink water

This goes without saying. DRINK MORE WATER!!! It is good for you and you can get it anywhere.

4. Donate what you don't need

I am a hoarder of t-shirts and clothing, but I barely wear 1/3 of what I have. De-clutter and donate what you no longer use. Helpful Hint: If you haven't worn it or thought about it in a year, get rid of it! You don't need those shirts from middle school.

5. Be yourself

Don't change for anyone!! Do what you want to do, be kind and live you life!