Being a sophomore at WVU, I fit into a lot of these "types of girls". On the other hand, I also know these "types of girls!"

1. The Srat Star

This girl is everywhere on campus, but she is always wearing her letters! She is posting pictures on Insta, snap, and VSCO of her sisters. If you ever talk to her, she will tell you why going Greek is the best choice ever and about her sisters, of course!

2. The Wild Child

She is the life of the party and she goes out just about every night! You see her at the clubs, house parties, and frat parties—and she knows everyone. She is happy as can be and lives for the night!

3. The Athlete

She is ALWAYS at practice and the only people she's ever with are her teammates. She loves to represent the school through her sport and is proud to show it!

4. The Scholar

This girl seems to LIVE at the library. She is always studying, eating, or sleeping. She is highly motivated to get the best grades possible, and through hard work, that's what she does!

5. The Campus Celeb

Everyone knows this girl. She's big on social media, outgoing in her classes, and is involved with a lot of clubs/organizations within the school. She is everyone's friend, or at least tries to be. You will always catch people looking at her whenever she walks by. This girl is on fire!