5 Fields Of Careers For English Majors Besides Teaching

5 Fields Of Careers For English Majors Besides Teaching

Follow in the footsteps of Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal.'

As an English major, every time I tell someone I am majoring in English, they automatically assume that I want to be a teacher, and I'm sure that this is true for anyone else majoring in English. Becoming a teacher is not a negative path in life at all, there's nothing wrong with that, but why is it the only career associated with a degree in English? There are so many different paths that an English major can take upon receiving their degree that are apparently hidden from most, but I am here to reveal those paths and maybe persuade a few of you to follow them.

1. Publishing

A career in publishing is a career of plentiful opportunities. You could work for magazines, publishing houses, newspapers, websites, or pretty much anywhere that posts/publishes written content, doing editing, writing, researching, and more. Some movie examples would be Miranda Priestley from 'The Devil Wears Prada' who was the editor of Runway magazine, and Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal' who was a book editor who got to marry Ryan Reynolds, which is my personal dream life. Be like them, get into a publishing career.

2. Public Relations

An English degree can reflect strong communication skills that could launch you into a career doing public and media relations in government, sports, or the entertainment industry.

3. Journalism

You may want to also major or minor in journalism if it is your specific passion, but a degree in English can get you into a copy reporter position, editing, along with several other exciting positions that come with the and English background and those handy communication skills.

4. Entertainment

Working in the entertainment industry is also a possibility. Movie and television script writing is one option, film and television development is another, and eventually working your way up to be a marketing or development executive. The entertainment industry is built for English majors.

5. Writing

While all of the above include some form of writing, writing as an author is also an option. You can use your degree to create works of literary art or non-fiction pieces that tackle real world issues, whatever your passion, for future English majors to enjoy, study, and analyze.

There are many other careers an English major can choose, including these and being a teacher. It is important for everyone to follow their passion, to do what makes them happy, and to follow the right path, but it helps to be informed along the way.

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Cover Image Credit: Erin Kron

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10 Ways English Majors Are Figuratively, NOT Literally, Ted Mosby

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1. Restraining yourself for correct people's text


It's you're not your and it irritates me to no end.

2. Not understanding the difference between an English major and an English writing or English literature major


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3. Having one grammar rule that you care a lot about


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4. Writer's block


Especially because your grade counts on it. Although, it won't be fun when it turns into your job depending on it.

5. Having to write all genres in one class


Even though you prefer one genre and hate the others.

I don't care for nonfiction tbh.

6. Workshops


Not your best moments.

7. Knowing how impossible it is to have a favorite book


It's like picking a favorite child... but worse.

8. Feeling bad when you forget grammar rules


Are you even an English major???

9. People telling you your major is the easiest one


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10. Figuring out life


Honestly, there's too many things I want to do for a career and I can't pick AND each one is under my major. It is a nice problem to have. But hey I can run away from making a choice until the time comes.

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