5 Fictional Sports Teams We'll Never Forget
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5 Fictional Sports Teams We'll Never Forget

They weren't real, but lets pretend they were

5 Fictional Sports Teams We'll Never Forget

It's rare to find a team that everyone roots for. Everyone has their hometown teams or personal favorites, and in turn everyone has teams that can't stand to see win. However, these five fictional sports teams were all teams everyone could root for, and certainly made us proud.

1. Team USA (D2: The Mighty Ducks)

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want any other group of guys (and girls) representing our country at the Junior Goodwill Games. Led by Coach Gordon Bombay, this team was the epitome of hard work and perseverance, culminating in a gold medal against heavy favorite team Iceland. Made up of players all over the country, The Ducks brought a little bit of everything to the table. The Bash Brothers in Fulton Reed and Dean Portman brought the strength and intimidation that opponents couldn’t help but fear. Luis Mendoza had the unmatched speed that left everyone else in the dust, not to be outdone by Kenny Wu’s silky smooth skating. The finesse and leadership came from the top with captain Charlie Conway, as well as newcomer Adam Banks who proved to be a lethal scoring duo. Throw in Julie “The Cat” Gaffney’s stonewall goalie play, and it’s easy to see how this team was destined for greatness.

2. The Dillon Panthers (Friday Night Lights)

As every athlete knows, any team is only as good as their coach. Luckily for the Dillon Panthers, they had one of the best leaders of men in Eric Taylor. Not many football teams can recover from a career-ending injury to their star quarterback, but under Taylor’s watch the Panthers rallied around each other and made their name as the best high school football team in Texas. While nobody could totally fill Jason Street’s shoes, unsung hero Matt Saracen was able to weather the storm at quarterback and prove his doubters wrong. It was the veteran leadership, however, that set the Panthers apart. Star running back Smash Williams and the fearless Tim Riggins set the standard for football in Dillon, and got the rest of the team to believe they could be champions.

3. Sandlot Baseball Team (The Sandlot)

As we’ve seen throughout the history of sports, you don’t need a roster full of superstars to be great team. All you need is a squad full of players with the same mindset and goal. The Sandlot Baseball Team’s mindset was having fun, and appreciating the game. Aside from eventual big leaguer Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, this team totally lacked star power. Ham Porter wasn’t the best catcher, but his self confidence at the plate allowed him to become a feared hitter. Similar to Michael “Squints” Palledorous, who’s confidence and desire was displayed on the diamond, and with the ladies. The rest of the misfits, including Scott Smalls, Timmy “Repeat Timmons, and Alan “Yeah Yeah” McClennan, proved that just going out and having fun can go a long way, and will allow you to go toe to toe with anyone.

4. The Tune Squad (Space Jam)

Who doesn’t love a good underdog? In sports, there isn’t much better than watching a team overcome incredible adversity and rise the top. No team better exemplified the spirit of the underdog than the Tune Squad. It’s safe to say that nobody believed they stood a chance against The Monstars, arguably the most feared basketball team of all time. These freaks of nature, possessing the skills of the like of Charles Barkley and Patrick Ewing, were seemingly unbeatable. However, this group of Looney Tunes showcased the importance of a total team effort and embraced one another. Under the leadership of Michael Jordan, this squad made up of below average players shocked the world. Between Bugs and Lola Bunny’s clever style, Taz The Tazmanian Devil’s super speed, and Daffy Duck’s tenacity, the Tune Squad were able to pull off the upset of the century and etch their name in the basketball record books.

5. Average Joe’s (Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story)

Rivalries are what make sports great. Two teams with pure hatred for one another, pitted against each other, to see who will come out on top. Red Sox/Yankees, Steelers/Ravens, Michigan/Ohio-State, the list goes on. But arguably the bitterest rivalry of all time is that of Average Joe’s and Globo Gym. It was only fitting that these two titans of dodgeball would face off in the final round of the Last Vegas dodgeball tournament, with 50,000 dollars riding on the line. While White Goodman’s Purple Cobras were a formidable opponent, they were no match to Peter LaFleur’s Average Joe’s. Fighting for the money, as well as honoring their coach Patches O’Houlihan, the Average Joe’s were able to overcome multiple obstacles and hardships on their way to the top. This feat could not have been accomplished without LaFleur’s leadership, as well as Kate Veach’s rocket for an arm. With strong contributions from Justin, Dwight, Gordon and of course, Steve the Pirate, Average Joe’s was able to win the prize money, take over Globo Gym, and leave White Goodman in his misery.

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