5 DIY Projects Your Laundry Room Needs

HGTV has created a generation of DIYers. If you’re thinking about remodeling your laundry room, start by taking stock of your skills. If you’re detail-oriented, skilled with basic power tools, and able to follow instructions, you can save some money by tackling a few projects on your own. On the other hand, certain projects are better left to the professionals. Keep reading to learn which projects are which.

1. Remove the Cabinets

Demolition jobs are some of the easiest DIY projects, but they’re not without risk. After turning off the water off and disconnecting your pipes, use a crowbar to loosen the sink. When you finish, you can also use the crowbar to remove the backsplash and countertop. Finally, loosen the cabinet screws and cut the cabinets away with a reciprocating saw. They should pop out in sections. Just take extra care to avoid plumbing pipes and electrical wires.

2. Lay Your Own Tile

If you’re detail-oriented and handy with a circular saw, you should consider laying your own tile. Tiled floors are a stylish alternative to linoleum, and they’re relatively inexpensive. You may also be able to install a tiled backsplash behind your washer, dryer, and work sink. A tiled backsplash will be easier to clean than a painted wall. After cutting the tile, pay special attention to tight corners and hard to reach spaces. These areas require additional planning, careful cutting, and a steady hand. If you’re bad with measurements or power tools, consider hiring a contractor.

3. Install Additional Shelving

Handy with a hammer, drill, and screwdriver? You should be able to install DIY floating shelves. Floating shelves are both affordable and easy to install. However, if you’re planning to install custom-fit laundry cabinets or countertops, consider hiring a contractor. These installations require precise measurements and advanced carpentry skills.

4. Replace Fixtures and Appliances

If you’re proficient with a power drill, it should be easy to replace most laundry room fixtures. Start by removing your old faucet, drawer pulls, and towel racks. If you’re feeling good, you can try to replace the lighting, fans and other electrical fixtures. Finally, consider replacing your current washer and dryer with front-loading machines. As long as you avoid messing with live electrical wires and plumbing lines, you should be able to complete these upgrades without a hitch.

5. Repaint the Walls

Painting a home’s interior is one of the easiest projects for new DIYers. While there is potential to make a number of mistakes, they’re all easy to avoid. However, professional painters can finish the job much faster than the average Joe. When choosing a paint, consider an off-white for the walls. Light colors are popular in contemporary design because they make the space feel larger. You should also purchase a semi-gloss paint because it’s easier to clean than flat paints.

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