5 Disney Movies That You Probably Forgot Existed
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5 Disney Movies That You Probably Forgot Existed

The classic Disney Movies always seem to melt our hearts, but what about the one's you forgot?

5 Disney Movies That You Probably Forgot Existed
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When you think of Disney, what do you think of? The parks, the various video games that have aired like Disney Infinity or Epic Mickey or your favorite prince or prince? How about the movies? Disney movies like Cinderella, Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid have entertained children of all ages for ages. Whether you are 6, 17 or 30, Disney movies never fail to bring back those childhood memories. However, there are some movies that most people seem to forget.

1. The Black Cauldron

I remember watching this 1985 movie not even two years ago but let me say, it was EXCELLENT! The Black Cauldron does reveal the darker side of Disney's usually uplifting themes, not to mention the freaky Horned King who I honestly think was one of the creepiest villains, but still. With loveable characters including misfit pig keeper Taran, feisty princess Eilonwy and huggable Gurgi, a nefarious plot and a dash of romance, this old school Disney movie is one I'd definitely suggest watching. Just maybe with the lights on!

2. The Rescuers Down Under

This high-flying adventure is set in the outbacks of Australia and brings back our favorite Rescuers from RAS, Bernard and Miss Bianca. Honestly, I don't know why this one has been forgotten but apparently, Disney didn't do well with sequels which, unfortunately, included this one. I remember watching this movie on Netflix one night with my siblings and I can unanimously announce that we all loved it! So (if it's still on Netflix) pop some popcorn and enjoy a double feature.

3. The Great Mouse Detective

I unfortunately never had the pleasure of seeing this one, but I still feel like it deserves some recognition. This fun detective movie once again goes outside Disney's typical themes but despite what you would think, this one did really well critic-wise. "Then why is it on the forgotten list?" you may ask. Well, you guess is as good as mine!

4. Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Another movie I watched on Netflix, I also thoroughly enjoyed Disney take on the tale of the lost city of Atlantis. Reviews say that despite the breathtaking animation, this movie fell short on decent and memorable characters. I respectfully disagree. I think one of the best parts about this movie was the characters, especially the kick-ass female leads including a protective princess, quirky mechanic and greedy villain. So regardless of what the critics say, I'd definitely recommend this one

And last but most certainly not least....

5. Treasure Planet!

Saved the best for last! Remember this little guy? Treasure Planet is a forgotten Disney movie that I can ramble on and on about how it was INCREDIBLE, but unfortunately, I can't with the limited space or time I have. This sci-fi adaption of the classic Treasure Island completes my list with adorable and trouble-maker sidekick Morph, sarcastic Jim Hawkins, cyborg pirate Mr. Arrow not to mention an amazing soundtrack including a song by John Rzeznik/The Goo Goo Dolls. You a Disney fan with nothing to on a rainy Friday night? Watch this movie!

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