5 Reasons To Treat Every Day Like Mother's Day
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5 Reasons To Treat Every Day Like Mother's Day

And 5 honorable mentions for everybody.

5 Reasons To Treat Every Day Like Mother's Day
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So, Mother's Day is coming upon us soon and we're all probably panicking to get that last minute gift for the woman who gave us life. Mother's Day is very important to me in particular since I lost my father when I was seven year's old. However, it also taught me to appreciate having my mom there every day. I know there are many more reasons than five, but I wanted to share with you five reasons Mother's Day should be every day.

1. In sickness and in health.

Our moms have made a commitment to taking care of our scraped knees and those endless nights of vomiting from the stomach virus. Even when she didn't want to because you already threw up on her five times and she really wanted to give up.

2. Through hell or high water.

Mom is always there for us, whether we just won the basketball championship or got our heart broken by someone dumb. She's the one you can trust to pick you up from a party when you were a little too heavy on the Jungle Juice.

3. Unconditional love.

And your mom will still love you after blacking out on said Jungle Juice and never talk about the incident again (hopefully).

4. Shoot for the stars.

Mom will always want us to chase our dreams and live a better life than she does. She will always encourage us when we are unsteady about making a big decision, and push us to challenge our limits.

5. Tummy ticklin' fun.

If you haven't figured this one out yet, your mom is super duper fun and cool, and spending time with her is one of the best things EVER. She'll make you have a good ole' time even if you woke up a complete grouch puss.

Honorable Mentions:

1. Single moms and dads.

Shout out to all those moms and dads out there doing this shit all alone. You do the job of two parents and are the real MVP!

2. LGBTQIA+ parents.

Not only do you have to be a parent, you have to deal with the stigma and stereotypes that come with being a non-heterosexual, non-cisgendered parent. Then, later on, you have to explain to your child those stereotypes.

3. Grandparent's who raised grandchildren.

It was hard enough to raise the parent of your Grandchild, but going for a second round is rough. You also have to navigate the topic of why Mom and Dad aren't there.

4. The child who was the parent.

Kudos to the older siblings who had to raise their younger siblings because Mom and Dad weren't there. It's not easy to grow up so quickly.

5. The child who raised themselves.

With only you to look out for, you braved this world on your own in a way you should never have had to and still managed to grow into a wonderful adult. All of those challenges made you who you are today, and gave you a steel that is unrivaled.

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