Five-Day Mental Health Challenge
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The 5-Day Mental Health Challenge To Help Your Day-To-Day Growth

Focus on yourself and give your brain and mental health a break!

The 5-Day Mental Health Challenge To Help Your Day-To-Day Growth
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This challenge is not like others that will force you to step outside of your comfort zone and do something brand new. This challenge is about taking what you are doing, and adjusting it, to better focus on yourself and give your brain and mental health a break!

Day 1: Set Your Limit

Social media is one of the main reasons we as humans compare ourselves to one another. So, on day one, make it easy. Set yourself a daily limit for one hour of social media! Any other time you would normally spend swiping through images or sending snaps, set aside for a little bit of personal time. Give yourself a face mask and listen to some music, read a book or color! Focus on turning away from the screens and focus on you and what your brain needs to rest and recuperate.

Day 2: Walk It Out

Whether it's walking around campus or walking around a dorm or apartment, take a second to actually pay attention to what you are doing, and breathe it out. So often we walk around, carelessly going through the motions. Take today to put the phone down, open your eyes, ears, and all senses to experience what is happening around you. Acknowledge the cold feeling of the wind on your face or the sounds of home, and as you do so, take a deep breath in, and slowly breathe out. Relax your shoulders, your jaw, and any other place you may hold tension, and just relax. Enjoy your surroundings as you live in them.

Day 3: High-Quality H2O

Your one and only goal today is to focus on drinking eight glasses of water or more. If you want to take it a step further, try and see if you can eat plant-based, or make most of your meals for today on the healthier side. This doesn't mean "no chocolate or no fried foods," just maybe eat a small fry instead of a large, or dark chocolate instead of milk!

Day 4: Social Interaction

Take today to go and hang out with the people you hold close to your heart. Whether it's family, friends, or coworkers, spend today embracing the wonderful people this world has to offer. If you're with them, don't check your phone or just look at memes. Sit back and listen to each other speak, or just enjoy the atmosphere around you. Be present.

Day 5: Aesthetic

Take today to clear your space of excess materials, garbage, or whatever mess is left from the past five days. Take an hour or two and just clean and reorganize. You would be surprised what a healthy and clean environment can do to lower stress levels! Besides, now that's just one more thing to check off your checklist.

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