5 Conspiracy Theories To Make You Think
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5 Conspiracy Theories To Make You Think

...or laugh. Your choice.

5 Conspiracy Theories To Make You Think
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Let's be clear - I do not currently own a tinfoil hat. A conspiracy theory is an explanation of an event that invokes a less than savory story behind it. You've probably seen the "Bush did 9/11" memes. That would be a conspiracy theory. There are some stupid ones, but there are actually some that make a lot of sense. Here are some that stuck out at me, whether for making me think or just being stupid.

1. The JFK Assassination was planned

Y'ALL. This makes a lot of sense. There are several conflicting theories, but they basically boil down to the government being involved or Lee Harvey Oswald having an accomplice. Supposedly there was an entry wound on the president's front side, which conflicts with the story that Oswald fired three shots from behind. Obviously, I don't know how much of this is true, but I do know that I may or may not have spent the last hour down a JFK rabbit hole.

2. Bush did 9/11

Okay, I may not believe that Bush planned it, but I personally believe that there was some sketchy stuff going down. JET FUEL CAN'T MELT STEEL BEAMS. Just kidding. You can compromise the structural integrity of steel beams without melting them because science.

3. The whole "Da Vinci Code" Thing.

*eye roll*

4. Phantom Time Hypothesis

The year is actually 1708. Three hundred years were made up because Holy Roman Emperor Otto III wanted to rule in 1000 A.D.What do you do when you want to rule in a certain time? REWRITE TIME OF COURSE. The middle ages never existed according to this theory. Thoughts?

5. The Mandela Effect

This isn't so much a conspiracy theory but It is really cool. The Mandela effect is when a large number of people believing an event occurred differently than it did. It's called the Mandela effect because apparently a lot of people remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison a long time ago, when in actuality he died in 2013. The part that cinched the deal for me? I remember being read the Berenstein Bears all the time as a child. OH WAIT. It's actually the BerenSTAIN Bears! *twilight theme plays in the background*

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