5 Comedy Podcasts To Give A Listen
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5 Comedy Podcasts To Give A Listen

If you're looking for a laugh, give some a listen!

5 Comedy Podcasts To Give A Listen
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Sometimes music just doesn't cut it, and you need something different to keep things interesting. Lately, I've found a lot of my favorite comedians have podcasts available, and I would listen to them on long drives or when I'm browsing aimlessly on the internet. If you don't like just listening, a lot of these podcasts have video streams on YouTube, which are cool to watch to see what you miss when you just hear audio. If you're looking for something intellectual, some fart jokes, or something in between, here's what you should check out!

1. Congratulations - Chris D'Eila

Is'a cult, my fellow babies. Chris D'eila is the host of this one man show, and for about an hour reflects on life, current events, and answers questions fans tweet at him. Well, fans are more commonly known as his "babies." He is a proud leader of his self-proclaimed cult, and delivers his hilarious take on life every Monday night or Tuesday morning. His stream of consciousness layout has me laughing at how strange humankind can be (ya 'cuda?), interested in his take of the different movies he's worked on, and then gave me a sense of hometown pride when he talked about how amazing New Jersey diners are. If you're looking to give this one a listen, make sure to start from episode 1. Throughout the show, the inside jokes have built up, and you definitely don't want to be left out on those. Be sure to check it out here!

2. Insanely Chill - Cody Ko

What's up guys! Vine-turned-YouTube personality Cody Ko delivers his way cool podcast weekly with his take on living in Venice and surfing or whatever. It's so chill, you really feel like you're on vacation or something while listening. Recently he started doing "Weekend Editions" with other internet personalities, such as Noel Miller, Matt King, Jason Nash, and many more. All of his podcasts are also on YouTube, so if you prefer watching a video as opposed to listening to audio, subscribe here!

3. Your Mom's House - Tom Segura & Christina Pazsitzky

If you were looking for fart jokes, look no further. These married comedians talk about everything your mom probably wouldn't talk about. While a lot of this is usually considered gross, and it still is gross when they talk about some specific bathroom business, these two are the best at making me feel comfortable enough to laugh at it. They will occasionally have comedians guest on the show, such as Joe Rogan and Ari Shaffir, but most of the episodes are just Tom and Christina. If you like offensive and possibly gross humor, be sure to listen here!

4. What Say You? - Brian Quinn & Sal Vulcano

What say you podcasts? Q and Sal from Impractical Jokers have a hilarious podcast online with new episodes every, well, whenever they chose. If you have a problem with that, Sal would like to say "GFY" (sorry for the rude language, his words not mine). They recently put up two new episodes after a year hiatus, so now is the time to catch up on what you missed! With great improv bits, hot takes on hot subjects, and small behind-the-scenes commentary of their TruTV show, this podcast had me laughing out loud with every episode. If they happen to put out another episode, subscribe here!

5. Bertcast's Podcast - Burt Chrysler

Oh sorry, that should read Bert Kreischer. Oops. Well, if you've been on Facebook recently, you may refer to this man as "The Machine!" With over 20 million views on his stand-up bit about being involved in the Russian mafia during his college years, Kreischer delivers the same amount of enthusiasm with his guests on this show. I love this podcast so much because of the amount of comedians he has on, which has recently been Doug Stanhope, Dave Attell, Tom Segura, and many more! They talk about all thing comedy, from current shows to when they first began. Be sure to check it out!

Hopefully one of these sounds interesting enough for you to give it a listen! Fair warning, all of these podcasts are explicit, so if that bothers you, look for your own show! There are so many podcasts all over the internet, there will definitely be one which you favor more than these comedy shows. If I missed one that deserves a second listen, leave a suggestion in the comments below!

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