We’ve reached the lull in the year where Winter break is near, Halloween has passed, and we all avoid the lie that is Thanksgiving. However, this isn’t the time to die from stress and lack of good holidays, instead you should watch some great television programs to fill those cold and barren downtimes. Here are five comedy shows that will be sure to keep your stress levels at a reasonable range, and brighten the greyest of autumn days, or make them greyer however you prefer your autumn days.

1. "The Mindy Project"

A show about an Indian-American, female, Gynecologist and all her adventures in love. This show is great to get a quick laugh on the darkest of days with its great blind of Romance, Comedy, and Drama not to mention the fact that the show is helmed by its starring lead, funny woman, Mindy Kahling.

"The Mindy Project" Streams on hulu every Tuesday.

2. "Will & Grace"

Another show for a quick laugh, and does inclusivity correctly. Of course, this is a reboot but no worries most of the ending of the last run is literally explained in the opening of the first episode of the season. If you’re looking for a bit of wit in your life this is the show for you, where two gay men and two female friends deal with everything from politics to love in New York City.

"Will & Grace" airs every Thursday at 9/8c on NBC, and streams on hulu the next day.

3. "Superstore"

A workplace comedy that deals with disappointment and the mediocrity of some aspects of life very openly (this may be the one to watch if you need some catharsis). Superstore follows all the employees of a superstore and all the shenanigans that ensue daily.

"Superstore" airs every Thursday 8/7c on NBC, and streams on hulu the next day.

4. "The Good Place"

If you want to know what comes after this wasteland of boring holidays and life, look no further than The Good Place. Another comedy that is subtly depressing with a tinge of an optimistic spirit. Elanor is placed into the wrong afterlife and now asks for help from some unlikely friends.

"The Good Place" airs every Thursday 8:30/7:30c on NBC, and streams on hulu the next day.

5. "Black-ish"

A great family comedy that tackles many issues including racism, sexism, and postpartum depression in the modern age. Many of the stories relate to African Americans and black culture, it’s a show to watch as a college student if you’re feeling lonesome in the mundane times (school times).

"Black-ish" airs every Tuesday 9/8c on ABC, and streams on hulu the next day.