5 Local Black Owned Businesses to Brighten Up Your Summer
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5 Local Black Owned Businesses to Brighten Up Your Summer

Stay active in the black lives matter movement by supporting these 5 amazing black owned businesses.

5 Local Black Owned Businesses to Brighten Up Your Summer

As the media begins to move away from the black lives matter movement, it is important to keep the momentum going by amplifying black voices and continuing to show support. As you sign petitions and donate, taking action within your community remains an important step of solidarity. From plants to soul food, these businesses (mostly local) have everything you need to embrace the summer season.

1. My Crazy Plant Life

It's amazing how much life plants bring to a room. This Tampa based greenhouse offers a variety of plants from tiny succulents to big, beautiful ferns. They also ship your plant friends safely to your doorstep. Next time you feel like adding a new plant to your collection, head to their website.

2. H°gg Batch

This unique St. Pete coffee company ages coffee beans in barrels to create a cup of coffee like no other. Visit them on Central Ave or order their coffee beans straight from their website.

3. Sister Skin

Sister Skin offers a variety of amazing skincare products, from body scrubs to face toners. Check out their website next time you're in need of a summer glow.

4. The Hall on Franklin

The Hall on Franklin combines 7 diverse eateries in one space, including Poke, soul food, and coffee. Its fun and relaxing atmosphere makes it perfect to visit any time of the day. Currently they offer dine in, take out and delivery.

​5. Blue Sage Eco Boutique​

Blue Sage Boutique sells a unique line of all natural, handmade soy candles, as well as crystals and smudge. Their products are also completely recyclable and reusable.

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