5 Best Cleveland Workouts

5 Best Cleveland Workouts

InnerBliss Yoga Studio, Harness Cycle, Fitworks and more!

When I first moved back to Cleveland after graduation, it was a bit of a change all at once. I went from being a college student one day to being a young professional in the business world the next. It took a while to get into a routine with all aspects of my work week, especially finding a workout that I loved. I was used to going on hikes with my friends, spin classes with my sorority sisters and jogs around campus. I found myself in a new city, even though I grew up in a suburb of Cleveland, asking around for workout suggestions, trying out new classes and making friends!

Here’s a roundup of my top 5 go-tos in Cleveland when you are looking for a fun group workout. So grab a buddy and choose one of these out today!

1. Harness Cycle

Harness Cycle is one of the most popular spin studios around. It’s located on West 29th and Detroit Avenue in Ohio City. With the opening of this cycling studio in 2013, the Ohio City area began to transform.

2. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is one of the most unique workouts around and has a location in Rocky River. The one hour class involves cardiovascular and strength training intervals and much more. Their goal is to burn more calories, even after leaving the studio, which they refer to as the Orange Effect. Check out their video to learn more about what exactly Orangetheory Fitness is:


3. Inner Bliss Yoga Studio

Inner Bliss Yoga Studio offers a variety of classes, located in all of the hot spots of our city! With locations in Cleveland, Rocky River, and Westlake, Inner Bliss is one of the hottest spots around when it comes to yoga. From classes for kids to unique workshops and events, there is always something on the calendar to participate in.

4. Fitworks

I attend Heidi’s Zumba class every Tuesday and her Club Vibe workout on Thursday nights at the Rocky River Fitworks. They also have locations in Mentor, Parma, Highland Heights, and Willoughby. I love the energy in the room and enjoy letting off steam by breaking out dance moves to “Uptown Funk”, Lil' Jon's "Outta your Mind" ft. LMFAO, "Girly Things" and many more. Jumping around with friends, while working out different muscles with squats, jumping jacks, and more never fails to be a great time and an intense cardio workout.

5. Cleveland Plays

Not much of a fitness class person? No problem! Cleveland Plays is a sports and socials club that offers sports like beach volleyball, floor hockey, and more. It’s a great way to get a workout in while still having a good time with your best buds.

What's your favorite Cleveland workout? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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5 Things I Really Wish I Knew ~Before~ Losing My Virginity

Advice to our younger selves.

Everyone has a first time. We're all at different stages of our lives when it happens, which impacts how we approach the situation and how we feel about it immediately after and in reflections. Some people idealize their first time, some people regret it, some people feel nothing about it. I agonized over my virginity.

I wanted nothing more than to throw it at the first willing participant. I felt that it made me someone inferior to my friends who had already had sex, like somehow I was missing out on some great secret of life or somehow I was less mature than them. I spent a lot of time wishing it would just happen, and then one day, it did when I wasn't expecting it. I don't regret my first time, but because I had wished for it to happen for so long, I had built up this image in my head of how it would be that was completely unrealistic.

So, this is for those girls like me whose imaginations get the best of them. Here are some tips to ease your worries and prepare you for what it's really going to be like.

1. It's going to be awkward.

Not just the first time, every time. No matter how much porn or how many blogs or erotic fiction you read, you will not have any idea what you're doing. The other person probably won't, either. There are too many variables, and you're both so concerned with doing it well, you'll be focused on too many things to properly control your limbs.

2. Don't think about your body.

The angles that are required for things to work leave both participants in awkward positions with limbs in strange places. Don't look at your body; don't even think about where your limbs are. Just keep your eyes and mind on the other person and what they're doing and how you're feeling. If you're feeling bad, let them know, so you can change it. If you're feeling good, enjoy it.

3. Don't do it drunk.

Not even a little tipsy, at least not for the first few times. Alcohol throws in another variable and another reason your limbs are flailing listlessly on top of other unforeseen complications. Just wait until you've had a little practice to introduce alcohol into the mix. You want to actually remember your first time and understand what's going on.

4. You're not going to feel any different after.

I expected to feel a weight being lifted or some newfound maturity, but I really didn't feel any different at all. That's because I really was just the same girl as before. Finally having lost this imaginary flower didn't make me physically any different at all.

5. You're going to feel something.

There wasn't some profound emotional release afterward, either, but I did feel a little different. Again, not in the sense that something had actually change, but I felt different because I had placed so much importance on this, on having sex, and now it had happened. I wanted there to be some big release or celebratory moment, but really, I just felt the same. I didn't even feel a little more mature or experienced. I was positive that if I ever did it again, I would still have absolutely no idea what to do (which was true).

Cover Image Credit: Seventeen

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Too Close For Comfort: College Edition

If you think someone wouldn't live in their own filth... think again.

If you've gone away to college before, you know there are lots of things to look forward to.

A new learning environment, classes you can pick, clubs, parties, meeting new people and most of all- living on your own! Woohoo! However, when I say to pick your roommates wisely, and I mean wisely… please consider well who you'll be living with. Most leases are an entire year and living with gross, inconsiderate a-holes is not fun, especially if you're someone like me.

Growing up in a Hispanic household, I always got a lot of crap if my room a mess, but I maintained cleanliness. Yes, there's a difference. My room may have been a mess with shoes and clothes laying around, but my rug never went unvacuumed, my bathroom never went uncleaned for more than a week and a half, and through it all, mom watched me do it as she stood nearby with a sandal in hand in case I decided to not comply (as if that would ever happen lol).

Freshmen year of college I blindly rushed into rooming with people I knew absolutely nothing about. All I knew is that one was from Miami with my same major, and the other two were in sororities. With this experience came some very valuable lessons that taught me about myself and other people. 1. I never thought I could adult as well as I did for living on my own for the first time ever, 2. Sorority chicks love throwing parties but hate cleaning up after them, 3. Creating a chart with who cleans when does not work, and 4. I never thought I would walk in on someone using MY toothbrush. These girls won't have an ounce of consideration for the clean environment you're trying to maintain, or your efforts to do so. I would have hands down rather lived with guys.

Long story short, I found myself cleaning the bathroom a lot more than the roommate I shared it with, became familiar with the tower of trash bags that stood by the door, and cleaning up after parties I had no business with. Disgusting people are out there, so choose wisely who you decide to reside with. These are people you share a home with. A home where you will live for the next year, stress for the next year, cry for the next year, celebrate for the next year, and the list goes on. Home will be what you get out of your college living experience.

Sometimes we get lucky with clean, cool and understanding roommates who either mind their business or involve themselves to help, as I did this year (hallelujah). Other times you can't tell the difference between your home and a dude's, and you get nosey chicks involving themselves in your business with ill intentions.

The point is, you either evaluate who you decide to live with before the fact or hope for the best with random roommates. If you're going to propose the topic of cleanliness when getting to know your new roommates, hopefully they'll be on the same page. If these girls/guys still don't do the dishes that have been sitting for a week, don't mop the floor that has Becky's puke from two nights ago or wipe away the dried, sticky vodka from the counters, you need to lay some rules down.

Going away for college is a huge learning experience, about yourself and about others. Going through obstacles with things such as my living environment and those who also resided in it has taught me how to be the individual I am today, as simple and minor as it seems. So please… get to know your roommates. Also, lock your stuff up. You might be dealing with kleptomaniacs… as I did.

Cover Image Credit: Rhett Noonan

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