5 Awesome Gifts For The English Major In Your Life

5 Awesome Gifts For The English Major In Your Life

Perfect for writers, english majors or just someone who loves a good book!

14 Shades of Grey

Christmas is on its way, and the internet is full of listicles of what to get your friends and family. I thought I'd take my own fun spin on it and do five awesome gifts for the English major/writer in your life. (My roommate should take note!) These gifts are fun and quirky, and work for even the people who just love a good book.

1. A Kindle case that will remind them of their favorite book.

Get this Harry Potter case and other book themed cases here.

2. A pillow to rest their head on after a long day of reading.

Get it here.

3. A limited edition Moleskine notebook that will have them dreaming of a sea of green.

Get it and other limited edition notebooks here.

4. A scarf for the library lovers.

Get this library card scarf here.

5. A set of coasters for the edgy bookworm.

Get a set of four punk rock author coasters (Jane Austen pictured) here.

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