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5 Photo apps To boost your instagram game

Creating Instagram's that are more aesthetically pleasing

5 Photo apps To boost your instagram game

For anyone hoping to elevate their Instagram feed and turn it into something more aesthetically pleasing like others out there then you should keep reading. Not only will it upgrade your photos; their also really easy to use once you use it more often plus it makes editing your photos an entertaining experience.


The must have app to make you Instagram or any other social media feed aesthetically pleasing. There are a variety of filters to chose from which you can adjust to fit your best preference but you're not limited to those these are also packages and special filters available for you to buy if you want more enhanced edits. Including better lighting, picture adjustments and more features you can't get with the basic filters. Whether you're looking for something simple or more involved there's something for everyone. This is my go to app and its definitely the best for editing on the go or when you're not in the mood to spend hours editing but still want it to look good. The best part of this app is the Studio you can use it to go back to the original edit and make more adjustments to it later.


The best app for filters and adding your own touch of color to brighten or change your pictures. It's all about vivid and fresh colors to give your photos that pop it needs to make your feed more colorful and happy. If you're looking for something were you prefer to work more outside the lines rather than be limited to similar looks and filters then this is the app for you! Like VSCO you have the option to chose between free edits or purchase your own filters and effects to give it your own personalized style.

Adobe Photoshop Express

By far one of my favorite apps with Photoshop you have the flexibility to transform your pictures just like with Lightroom you get all the features of a professional photo all in one app. You have the control of adding color, zoom, create your own background, make corrections, create your own looks, auto-fix, and high quality picture. Since you can download Photoshop anywhere it makes it easy to upload, access and save your photos on your phone and computer.


A more upscale version of the Snapseed app this will for sure give your photos a more professional style and enhanced look. You are free to do as you want but it's not free and it's good to go through a tutorial beforehand because with unlimited options it can get really overwhelming.


The al in one app for editing your photos to look really professional. It's perfect for adding all sorts of effects including shadows, lighting, covering blemishes and adjusting details. Most favorite tools are the selective and tune image effects because they give you the freedom to change the lighting and texture of specific parts in the picture rather than edit it as a whole.

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