87 Things All Early 2000s Disney Channel Fans Know To Be True
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87 Things All Early 2000s Disney Channel Fans Know To Be True

LONG LIVE the old Disney Channel.

87 Things All Early 2000s Disney Channel Fans Know To Be True

Let’s face it, Disney Channel reached its ultimate peak during the early 2000s. Luckily, our generation was fortunate enough to witness the end of its magical reign, one of the ultimate defining factors of our childhood. Although it's been over 10-years since the days of hotel shenanigans and high school crime-fighting heroines, we still remain nostalgic.

If you were an avid Disney Channel fan of the early 2000s, chances are you will find these 87 throwback moments to be all WAY too true:

1. You will forever loathe the lying, rotten garbage that is Ronnie Jacobs

2. When Lizzie admitted she wanted a bra and you admired her for her bravery

3. When Gordo set the bar high for all male figures

4. Wanting these pants

5. And this entire outfit

6. Constantly wondering what lip gloss Lizzie used

7. And why "Limited Too" never sold the chokers she wore

8. Also wanting bangs because Lizzie pulled them off so well

9. Looking back and realizing they were only in EIGHTH GRADE

10. You had a crush on Donnie from "Even Stevens"

11. And also Ren’s love interest in "The Even Stevens Movie"

12. You thought Louis’s chair was pretty damn cool

13. When the ending of the movie was a literal cliffhanger

14. And the most important question remains: Where tf were Beans’ parents??

15. You think "Phil of the Future" was way too underrated

16. And firmly believe Phil and Keely’s love story is one for the books

17. You also wish there would be a “Where Are They Now” follow-up on Ricky Ullman since he basically jumped off the face of the Earth

18. When Kim and Ron finally kissed and made you believe in happy endings

19. Wondering what the tacos at "Bueno Nacho" tasted like

20. And why Kim constantly bought the same pants from "Club Banana"

21. Setting your ringtone to the “What’s the Sitch” beep

22. Asking your parents for a swing-bed like Raven’s

23. Saying “Oh Snap!” to sound as sassy as Raven

24. When she inspired you to be a fashion designer for 5 seconds

25. And also a model

26. Wondering where Tanya really went when she claimed to be at “law school”…

27. When Raven and Eddie kissed and your heart stopped

28. Learning pick-up lines from the smoothest guy around

29. When the greatest boy band of all time taught you a thing or two about fire safety

30. When "Go home Roger" was the original "Bye Felicia"

31. The most sexual tension you have ever witnessed amongst siblings

32. When both Jessie McCartney AND Zach Efron guest starred on "Suite Life" and it was the greatest thing ever

33. The “Ghost in Suite 613” episode still gives you nightmares

34. Being heartbroken when Carey turned down Arwin’s proposal

35. When Bob was the most underrated character of all time

36. And Murial was the OG savage

37. Never being able to fully recite Esteban's name despite your many attempts

38. Secretly still calling this the“PRNDL”

39. "The Suite Life of Zach and Cody" will always be better than "The Suite Life on Deck"

40. Counting down the days until the premiere of "That’s So Suite Life of Hannah Montana"

41. Thinking London’s dress was Raven’s most beautiful design

42. Contemplating whether you would rather have London’s closet or Hannah’s

43. Always remembering ketchup is a useful moisturizer

44. When you retained more knowledge about anatomy from this 30 second dance sequence than you ever have from class

45. Debating whether you were “Team Jake” or “Team Jesse”

46. Blasting the “Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus” CD on your stereo

47. The unrealistic ending of "Hannah Montana: The Movie" still gets you worked up

48. Watching the “Start All Over” music video and thinking Miley was officially a badass

49. Sobbing like a baby during the last "Hannah Montana Forever" episode because you knew it was the end of an era

50. Wanting Alex Russo’s pink fur wallpaper

51. NEVER FORGET the crazy 10-minute sale

52. Or the fact that Alex and Harper low key inspired Sia’s song “Chandelier”

53.You still know the “What’s that, a hat, crazy funky junky hat” by heart

54. Still being blown away that Justin isn’t the family wizard

55. "The Emperor’s New School," "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers", "Braceface", "The Buzz on Maggie", "The Replacements", "Dave the Barbian", "American Dragon Jake Long", "The Proud Family", "Recess", and "Lilo and Stitch" were all defining cartoons of your childhood

56. Suspecting Disney Channel’s downfall when "Sonny with a Chance" came out

57. Confirming the downfall when "Fish Hooks" came out

58. Watching Corbin Blue "push it to the limit" made you feel some kinda way

59. Crushin on "Sharkboy" long before knowing he was Taylor Lautner

60. Arguing over which Jonas brother was your favorite

61. Watching "As the Bell Rings" for the first time and wondering what the f you just watched

62. You remember exactly when and where you were when the first "High School Musical" premiered

63. When you didn’t see Miley Cyrus appear in HSM2 the first time around because you blinked

64. Watching 'Return to Halloweentown" and feeling betrayed that the original Marnie was not in it

65. You were also offended that Disney Channel thought you would be stupid enough not to notice

66. “The Darkness” in "Twichez" terrified you more than you cared to admit

67. "Lilo and Stitch The Movie" will always be one of your favorites

68 .You fully believe "Luck of the Irish", "13th Year", "Cadet Kelly", "Full Court Miracle", "You Wish", "Quints", "Go Figure", and "Life Size" are the ultimate, forgotten classics

69. And let’s not forget about "Pixel Perfect"!

70. You still sing the “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!” song from "Xenon"

71. And wish you lived in the house from "Smart House"

72.You wanted to video chat your friends like Lexy and Jennifer did in "Get a Clue"

73. Thinking The Cheetah Girls 3 was a huge disappointment

74. But you still jam to the first two movie soundtracks

75. Trying to get to 625 toppings on the “625 Sandwhich Stacker”game

76. Almost breaking your computer attempting to beat level 3 of “A Sitch in Time”

77. You were addicted to this seemingly simple yet impossible game

78. "Disney 411" will always be better than "Disney 365"

79. But "Mike’s Super Short Show" was the ultimate shit

80. Waiting for the next "Disney Mania" CD to come out to add to your collection

81. You thought “The Circle of Life” was the best Disney mashup

82. Until the “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” remix came out

83. The Disney Channel Games was just as serious as ESPN

84. You miss the guy and girl voices who used to announce upcoming shows

85. And miss the original “You’re gonna watch a Disney Channel movie” song with all the random kids doing splits through film

86. Doing the “You’re Watching Disney Channel” mantra whenever you were home alone

87. Bragging to current youth about how your Disney Channel will always be better than theirs

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