I've heard people say that you don't choose who your friends are and I don't believe that at all.

I think you choose who you want to be friends with by hanging out with that person and making a strong connection with them, but I also believe that you can become friends with someone that you didn't expect to be friends with. That doesn't mean that you didn't choose to be friends with them and ended up being friends with them anyway; it means that they entered your life out of nowhere and you didn't even know it was happening until after you became close with them. I can say that most of the friends I made this year were very unexpected.

The Friends I Made Because Of Theater:

We all had the same goal: to put on a good production of "The Addams Family". On the first day of rehearsal, I thought that it wasn't going to be fun at all, but when we put on our last show, I was sad to say goodbye. Everyone that was part of the cast and crew was awesome, and I can't wait for next season with them. The best part of the past two months was getting to see their faces every day and laugh at all the little corny jokes that were being told.

The Friends I Made Because We Had The Same Class:

We bonded over the same struggle-- trying to pass the class and maybe hating the professor that was teaching it. Trying to study outside of class was the best part, because all we ended up really doing was talking about whatever was going in our life. And while we were in class, we sat in the back playing Pokémon Go.

The Friends I Made Because Of Playing Golf:

Between practicing with the same girls every day and then meeting new ones while playing a match, I made a lot of friends while playing golf this year. Walking to the next hole and talking about "Grey's Anatomy" was how most of us bonded, especially since we were playing around the time the new season was coming out. It was fun to be over playing a sport that we both understand and to talk about something we had in common.

The Friends I Made Because Of Volunteering:

I love to volunteer every chance I get, and I meet a lot of new people every time I do. Some I just talk to while I'm volunteering and the others I actually hang out with some time later. This is another time that you bond over doing something that you both like to do and talking about things that you guys have in common. You can also make the time that you're volunteering a little more fun; one time I ended up getting into a paint fight.

Unexpected friendships are the best ones; you never see the friendship coming but something made you guys come together. Whether you're attracted each other's weirdness or sass, you guys became friends for a reason.