Sometimes I look at my boyfriend and wonder how the hell he does it all.

I mean, being a boyfriend can't be easy. Girls are confusing, always hungry, and get stressed a lot. Not that guys are perfect, but we don't always make it a dream for them. I just wanted to take the time and thank my best friend for all he does, because it means everything to me.

To my kickass boyfriend, thank you for:

1. For knowing when I need food.

...and not judging me when I'm not very lady like about it.

2. For making me a better person.

3. For not changing the channel on me when I put Keeping Up With The Kardashians on. (most of the time).

4. For bringing me coffee to work.

5. For taking me out on dates even though I'm a messy eater and can never decide on a place to go.

6. For adventuring with me.

7. For giving me reality checks when I'm being a shithead.

8. For entertaining my ridiculous ideas.

I swear, the other day, I asked him if he has ever thought about whether or not our cat would like Dairy Queen.

9. For driving so I don't have to.

10. For laying in bed eating mac n' cheese with me.

11. For forgiving so easily.

12. For being so easy going and relaxed.

13. For always trying to help relieve my stress.

14. For rubbing my back even when you probably just want to go to bed.

15. For going to the mall even when you freakin' hate it.

16. For all of the concerts you've danced with me at.

17. For going on random drives with me.

18. For making me humble.

19. For inspiring me to work hard every day and play hard too.

20. For loving my family.

21. For always having my back.

22. For being my absolute best friend.

23. For binge watching Netflix series with me.

24. For comforting me through it all.

25. For supporting my dreams.

26. For loving me for who I really am.

27. For being a weirdo with me.

28. For doing anything to make me laugh.

29. For calling me out when I'm being sassy.

30. For telling me I'm beautiful when I have no makeup on.

31. For sharing your fries with me.

I know that must suck when you could easily down the whole bag, but props to you. Chivalry's not dead, ladies.

32. For teaching me to let shit go.

33. For including me in your family events and trips.

34. For trying to like my music.

35. For trying to get me to like country.

36. For always being real with me even when I don't want to hear it sometimes.

37. For making me tough.

Sometimes I'm sensitive AF. Thank you for toughening me up.

38. For being a fat kid with me on our ice cream runs.

39. For letting me vent after a long ass day.

40. For loving me through everything, unconditionally.

41. For letting me be my complete self.

42. For being so fun and encouraging me to let loose.

43. For being my rock.

44. For being someone I can trust and count on every day.

45. For not leaving that time I brought I kitten home without telling you.

... and for loving him now.

46. For never giving up on me.