You might know that I am in NYC for the summer. Despite what people may or may not say, this place is absolutely incredible. There is so much noise here, but with that comes beauty, creativity and the experience of a lifetime. Every day I am constantly reminded, not to mention inspired, by this city. From the run-down shops in Chinatown to the overcrowded streets of Midtown, every neighborhood in this city has its lows. This just makes the wonderful things you see in this city shine even brighter. There are even those moments where the people in this city just make you smile. And this is what this list is about. It is about those moments where this city just inspires you a little bit. Those moments are what make it all worthwhile.

1. When someone gives up their seat on the subway to the elderly.

2. Street musicians.

3. Children reading on the subway.

4. The look of someone's face when they see Times Square for the first time.

5. Girls in pumps stomping down the sidewalk like it's a runway.

6. Seeing someone reading the first "Harry Potter" book in the Subway.

7. Meeting strangers in line for discounted theatre tickets.

8. Getting a taxi for a friend.

9. People giving up seats on the train for children.

10. The main atrium in Grand Central Station.

11. When a stranger asks for directions and you actually are able to help them.

12. When you ask for directions and someone is actually able to help you.

13. Food stands that sell $1 hotdogs.

14. Start-up companies that really believe in what they do. #ourOdyssey

15. WeWork office buildings.

16. The perfect brunch.

17. Community gardens that people actually put time and money into.

18. The lake in Central Park.

19. The chaos at Union Square, from the chess games to the multiple Starbucks locations.

20. Taking someone to see a Broadway show.

21. Knowing that someone really rich is in the same Subway car as you.

22. Looking up at high all the buildings in Midtown.

23. Feeling so hip in Williamsburg.

24. Seeing crazy shenanigans on the street and absolutely no one cares.

25. Knowing that people working in this city are the ones with big dreams.

26. Trendy food stands that are overpriced but delicious.

27. The "freaks" are the cool kids here.

28. New Yorkers wearing all black in 90 degree weather.

29. People hanging out on the street playing poker in Harlem.

30. That calming feeling you get on the High Line.

31. Seeing a drag queen during the daytime.

32. Views of Jersey from your street.

33. That 24-hour donut place.

34. Rooftop parties in Brooklyn.

35. Looking up from the street and seeing a rooftop party happening above you.

36. Running into old friends on the Subway.

37. All the parks spread out across the city.

38. Men all dressed up and carrying flowers.

39. Parents giving children money to give to the homeless.

40. The variety of culture you see in any part of the city.

41. Hearing people say "f**k" on the streets.

42. Living with your best friend for the summer.