Disney Channel peaked with the creation of the "High School Musical" franchise in 2006. We all loved the movies, even though they gave us an unrealistic view of high school. And even though our favorite high school group is grown up now, we can all still remember why we fell in love with them. Here are 40 reasons why this one Disney Channel Original Movie sparked a trilogy ending up on the big screen.

1. When Troy and Gabriella went to a "Teen Party" for New Year's Eve.

2. When the karaoke guy said, "Someday you guys might thank me for this," and we knew we would.

3. The first time Troy and Gabriella sing together. Duh. I mean, the magic was real.

4. The New Year's countdown moment was delightfully awkward.

5. When they took selfies while putting their numbers in each other's phones.

6. The first time we heard the Wildcats' cheer.

7. The moment Sharpay parted the crowd in school, impressing us all.

8. When we first heard Mrs. Darbus say the "Winter Musical."

9. The homeroom scene when everyone gets detention.

10. Ryan's hats. So many hats.

11. Sharpay's pink everything.

12. When the first practice became the famous "Getcha Head in the Game" scene.

13. Sharpay and Ryan's scheming.

14. The rivalry between Mrs. Darbus and Mr. Bolton. The Arts v. Sports!

15. What team? Wildcats!

16. When Taylor showed us that "speaking cheerleader" was a thing. "Isn't Troy Bolton just the hottie super bomb?"

17. When Taylor said, "Watch how it works in the cafeteria tomorrow."

18. The train wreck that was musical auditions.

19. When Mrs. Darbus wasn't impressed with auditions. "Perhaps the spring musical."

20. When Ryan and Sharpay had their rehearsal pianist "do an arrangement." Everybody loves a good jazz square!

21. When Troy Bolton marched into auditions saying, "I'll sing with her."

22. The second time Troy and Gabriella sang together. This feeling's like no other!

23. Stick to the status quo! (We all wanted to perform this in our cafeteria.)

24. Troy being the boy we all wanted (want) to date.

25. When Troy and Gabriella played basketball and it was super cute.

26. Troy finally standing up to his dad.

27. "When There Was Me and You" made us so emotional.

28. When Troy came to Gabriella's house to win her back. (Gabriella teared up and so did we.)

29. Troy's dad being supportive and telling Troy he just wanted to see him having the time of his life.

30. Sharpay and Ryan's pre-call backs warm-up. Mah!

31. "Bop to the Top." Aye-Aye-Aye!

32. Gabriella and Troy getting around Sharpay and Ryan's trap and making it to call backs.

33. When basically the whole school came to the call backs.

34. "Breaking Free." Need I say more?

35. Troy kissing Gabriella on the cheek -- the definition of PG.

36. When Troy got the championship winning basket.

37. Chad and Taylor going to the after-party "like on a date."

38. When Sharpay was kind of nice at the end of the movie despite her defeat.

39. Kelsey getting her spotlight moment.

40. "We're All In This Together" closing the movie in a typical Disney happy ending fashion. (And we tried to memorize the dance at home for the Disney sing-and-dance-along.)