Junior year of college is accompanied by a lot of conflicting feelings. You finally are too far into your major to back out and you begin to realize that the "real world" is not so distant anymore. Part of you is so excited to start your life, while the other part never wants to lose the freedoms of being young and careless. With that being said, here are forty things that every junior in college has thought at least once.

1. Wait... I can’t take fun classes anymore?

2. I seriously do not recognize any of these people in the halls.

3. Should I go out tonight or should I sleep for the rest of eternity? Because I definitely won’t be using that time to do work.

4. At least I get to start to pay off my student loans soon.

5. That’s it. I’m dropping out.

6. Class ended five minutes ago, why are you still talking?

7. Maybe I should actually start taking notes in class... Nah.

8. Is it really too late to change my major?

9. Can I be a freshman again?

10. How do these freshman girls get prettier every year?

11. Seriously… what am I doing with my life?

12. No way that I am graduating on time.

13. I seriously need at least a B to pass this class? Can that be negotiated at all?

14. What do you mean it’s time for midterms already? I just got back to school.

15. Why do RA’s still think they can tell me what to do?

16. Whoever created coffee is my hero.

17. It’s November and I still haven’t bought that textbook... my bad.

18. I swear I will study tomorrow. *tomorrow comes* No, I meant the other tomorrow.

19. Since my classes are every other day, I can totally wear this top two days in a row without anyone knowing.

20. Sometimes I swear I have just been a part of one huge psychological experiment my whole time here.

21. Even if I can nap for 10 minutes, it will be well worth it.

22. I have been here for over two years and have yet to have a decent meal.

23. So I can’t get extra credit for just showing up anymore?

24. Crap, these classes actually matter now.

25. Adulting is already getting to be too much.

26. Why can I never find the “correct” format for a Resume?

27. At least I turn 21 just in time to be consumed by all my schoolwork.

28. I need money, but also need to pass, so I guess the part-time job can wait.

29. My life is a never ending cycle of only picking two: good grades, sufficient sleep, or a social life.

30. I think all my professors have monthly meetings and decide to assign all papers and exams in the same week.

31. Yeah professor, I totally read this book for today’s discussion.

32. How have I managed to have this one annoying kid who asks questions constantly in all my classes?

33. There is no way this professor still has things to talk about.

34. I swore she said the homework was optional.

35. Is it weird if I slide into this kids DM's to ask him about the homework?

36. Since I wrote one page of this paper, I definitely deserve a Netflix break.

37. What are the chances that I will actually get a job in the major I am in?

38. College is nothing like the movies made it out to be.

39. How am I more than halfway done college already?

40. I so can’t wait to graduate but, I also never want to leave.

Although college can be tough sometimes, it can also be the best time of your life. No matter who you are, college has been a roller coaster and junior year shows no signs of slowing down. Make the best out of it and never give up on getting that degree- you're almost there!