4 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To
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4 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

A few channels for your viewing pleasure that you might not have heard of before.

4 YouTube Channels You Should Subscribe To

If you know anything about the video sharing site called YouTube, you know that a seemingly infinite amount of videos are on there, with it growing by the day. With so much to choose from, it’s hard to pick what to watch. Where do you start when you have no idea what to watch and a crazy amount of videos to choose from? Well you're in luck, because that’s what I’m about to tell you.

1. Grace Helbig/ItsGrace.

Grace Helbig or "ItsGrace" as her channel is called, is a comedian that has been posting videos on the site since the late 2000s. Originally starting out with the channel "DailyGrace" and eventually switching over to her current channel "ItsGrace," she has over two million subscribers who come back for the very candid videos that she puts up.

She has a very honest vibe about her and is incredibly relatable. She has a variety of different videos varying from cooking tutorial videos where she creates a strange new food product that usually looks surprisingly appetizing as well as videos where she shows her viewers different aspects of her life. In this video, as you can probably guess, she shows her viewers what her “nighttime routine” is. HARD-HITTING CONTENT.

2. UsTheDuo.

I’ve only known about "UsTheDuo", a musical YouTube channel for about a year and only because of Vines that they’ve done that I have seen on Facebook. They sing six or seven seconds of a song and then leave their viewers wondering who the hell they were, because it was freaking amazing!

When I finally did find out that they had a YouTube channel I instantly subscribed and listened to some of their stuff. They do both covers and originals and all that they produce is golden. Here’s one of their most recent videos where they do a medley of some of the top songs of 2015.

3. TheFineBros.

The Fine Bros, or "TheFineBros" are the guys who created what you might know as the “React” series, eventually making a channel dedicated to people reacting to different things. What’s so good about their channels is that there is so much different content to be seen. They have just about every generation reacting to something whether it be kids reacting to old "Pokemon" or elders reacting to "GTA."

They also have “YouTubers React” where they bring in fellow YouTubers to react to videos for them and then talk about their impressions as well as giving the facts about what they just watched. The appeal of this channel or rather the several channels that they have is that there are a lot of videos of people reacting to videos that you may not have heard of. You can also find a lot of new channels to subscribe to! Here’s one video of YouTubers reacting to a very, very strange viral video.

4. Sourcefed.

The last channel I will tell you about is called Sourcefed. This channel is one that gives its viewers the news in ways that would not be found traditionally on TV. There is a comedic aspect to it that appeals to me much more than the dreary feeling I get when watching any local newscast. They report on a lot of things, not just what’s going on in the big headlines. They find stories for you that you probably wouldn’t have heard of without doing a bit of research into it yourself.

They have other channels affiliated with them such as "SourcefedNerd" where they report on and do nerdy things. It’s a channel basically dedicated to fun. I always enjoy watching the stuff they put up whether it involves them playing some absurd board game, or if they’re reporting on the newest video games that are coming out. It’s always a good time.

Here's a video of Sourcefed reporting on a few different things, such as the Playboy Mansion, Obama, and closing Guantanamo Bay.

Bonus channel: "Lip Sync Battle" on Spike.

All right, I just had to tell you guys about this one because I recently discovered this channel and went down into a spiral of watching these videos. All it is is celebrities doing lip sync battles with each other with LL Cool J as the host. It’s hilarious, and I couldn’t not tell you about it.

Hope you found a channel you can subscribe to!

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