After a semester filled with late nights out, endless hours in the library, and several panic attacks in between, a brief intermission at home is much needed. There is no better feeling than walking in the doors to your house to your family screaming of excitement, your dog jumping all over you, and smelling a home cooked meal ready to be consumed.

I did not know what to expect of my first long college break. I was pleasantly surprised when the duration of my stay was built upon doing what I wanted to do. As excited as I was to be home, it is safe to say that my parents were a little more excited than me. Although my break was shorter than most, I picked up on a few ways to be selfish while I was home.

1. “I’m so sick of dining hall food!”

Having the power to choose where to go out to eat will forever be in your hands! Simply telling your parents that you’re tired of dining hall food, and haven’t had sushi, for example, in months will take you straight to your favorite sushi restaurant! My parents also love to cook my favorite home cooked meals while I’m home, which is something I am incredibly deprived of during school.

2. “I haven’t gone shopping in months!”

Besides the daily Amazon Prime purchases, shopping is no longer an integral part of my routine in college. There was nothing my mom and I loved more than to spend our weekends shopping while we let my dad and brother watch sports and do whatever typical “guy” things they loved to do. I truly missed these fun days with my mom, and she did as well! Having these special days back during my college breaks are always something I look forward to.

3. “... only if I can pick the movie!”

It is safe to say that I spent at least 75% of my break on my couch watching TV and movies. There is nothing I love more than relaxing with my family while we laugh and cry together watching our favorite movies. One of the best parts of being home was always picking what movie or show we watched. To my dad’s disappointment, most of my selections were romantic comedies. Sorry, Dad!

4. “I haven’t had a good night's sleep in weeks!”

Coming home incredibly sleep deprived from finals week meant many nights of well-deserved sleep at home. This meant no plans, and a quiet house until I decided to roll out of bed each day! Waking up in your own bed to the smell of breakfast in the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the best feelings.

Sorry, Mom and Dad, but I deserve to be selfish.