College has started, or is about to start, for all of us. This means that we have to say goodbye to our friends as they travel to college miles away from us. It's hard to say goodbye to someone you have always had the luxury of seeing whenever you wanted. Now the next in person visit won't be until the holiday breaks! Sometimes maintaining these long distance friendships can be hard, here are some creative ways to stay in touch with your long distance friends.

1. Create a shared Spotify playlist

Fill the playlist with your favorite tunes or some new songs you'd like each other to check out. Listen to it while you're studying or working out.

2. Schedule a specific time that you both can FaceTime

The digital age has blessed us with the power to see our friends no matter how far away they are on FaceTime and Skype. Though it isn't the same as in person meetings, it's far more intimate than texting or phone conversations. Even if it's just five minutes once a week, the distance isn't so bad when your friend is just a click away.

3. Start/Continue a snapchat streak

Daily check ins whether it's a bomb selfie or perfect food pic! See if you guys can make it to 365!

5. Send them Buzzfeed quizzes

These quizzes are not super time consuming and it's super fun to share your results with each other. Buzzfeed quizzes are super easy to find on and Facebook.

4. Send a letter or a care package

You can fill it with anything! A birthday present, your friend's favorite snacks, a new movie, something that will show your friend just how much you miss them. Sometimes sending a written letter is more personal than email and texting. It can also be fun! Make sure you share addresses with each other so your package makes it to the right person.

Remember college is about making new friends, too. Have an open mind towards change and try not to worry TOO MUCH about you and your bestie's relationship status. You two will have a lot to celebrate when you finally meet up in person again.

Any other tips on staying in touch long distance put them in the comments below!