4 Valuable Lessons Halloweentown Taught Us
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4 Valuable Lessons Halloweentown Taught Us

"Halloween is cool."

4 Valuable Lessons Halloweentown Taught Us

Since October is here, so are the “scary” movie marathons. While I’m not a Micheal Myers kinda girl, I can definitely get down with some old Disney Halloween movies, my favorite being Halloweentown. Know that as I’m writing this, the theme song to Halloweentown will not leave my head, but it’s okay; it’s like a pump up jam fueling my love for this movie.

It’s been 17 years since the first Halloweentown was released; is that not the most insane thing you’ve ever heard?! Growing up with this movie, I didn’t realize how many great takeaways came with it. So in honor of Halloweentown enriching our lives in all of its’ spooky ways for 17 years, here are four lessons we can take away from this movie as adult.

  1. Never give up on your roots.

Throughout the beginning of the movie, we see Marnie and Grandma Aggie arguing with Gwen over whether or not the kids will be allowed to go trick or treating. We later learn that Gwen actually comes from a lineage of witches and is shielding her children from magic.

While not letting your children be witches and warlocks sounds like A1 parenting to most, it proves that the magic of the children and Gwen is necessary to help save Halloweentown.

2. You can’t trust everyone

Gwen's got the whole cool, recently divorced but still hot mom thing going for her. Then she's forced to go back to Halloweentown because her kooky mom and kids had gone without her knowledge. Here she runs into an old flame, Kalabar.

Honestly, we should've known the dude was weird just by his name, but just for the benefit of the doubt, we're kind of cheering on Kalabar. Yay win over mom and everyone can live happily ever after in Halloweentown.

However, Kalabar does turn out to be a total creep and like freezes half the town. Sorry mom, this old flame has burnt out.

3. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

I get it, I just told you Kalabar was always creepy and he turned out to be super creepy, but don't let that distract you from some of the coolest advice from the movie. Halloweentown is filled with scary ghouls and goblins and werewolves alike, but Grandma Aggie let's us know that some of the scariest people are actually some of the most genuine.

4. "Normal is vastly overrated.."

Marnie starts the movie feeling like a bit of an outcast for her weird affinity with Halloween.

But after finding out Halloweentown exists, she realizes that she belongs somewhere. The takeaway being we're all a little weird, but our weirdness is necessary and important somewhere out there!

#StayWeird, kids. And never forget:

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