We know that our Earth is struggling, but do we really know how badly? And do we know how to help it?

1. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is now twice the size of Texas

Which is three times the size of France. The trash in the garbage patches will take thousands of years to decompose, and if we don't stop putting trash in the oceans, the garbage patches will never go away.

2. Plastic can remain in the environment for 2,000 years OR MORE

That means that a piece of plastic can last more than four times longer than the Roman Empire or more than eight times longer than the United States of America has been a country.

3. It's predicted that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish

It's simple: plastic can kill marine life. Sea animals get tangled up in plastics, they mistake plastics for food, or they can simply get run out of their habitats due to the number of plastics in their environment.

4. About 2 million single-use plastic bags are used per minute around the world

Thankfully, more and more counties in the U.S. are taking initiative and implementing plastic bag bans.

Although the idea of taking on "saving the world" is intimidating, you can do it by making small changes in your life every day. Reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans by reducing the number of plastics you use every day and by making sure you dispose of all of your trash correctly. Take reusable bags to grocery stores, ask for your drinks without straws, and take your own cup to coffee shops. Educate yourself and your friends on how to properly dispose of trash and how to properly recycle.

Small changes make big impacts. Start today.