4 Stages Of Being A Dog Mom

4 Stages Of Being A Dog Mom


A little humor on the subject, because being a Dog Mom is a journey unlike any other.

Stage 1: Love At First Sight

There you are, casually walking through the pet section “just for fun,” naturally filled with guilt for all of these puppies who are in need of a fur-ever home. All of a sudden you lock eyes with the one, and there’s no turning back now.

In a matter of minutes you have already decided on the perfect name, picked out what will become his new favorite toys and called your mom to inform her that there’s nothing she can say to stop you from bringing this little ball of fur home with you.

He performs his bodily functions all over the house? No problem, you don’t mind cleaning up after him.

He nibbles at your ankles and fingers? That’s okay, because he’s just so cute.

You are completely, and utterly head over heels for your new bundle of joy, and there’s nothing he could do to change how you feel.

Stage 2: Plausible Deniability

It’s been a few weeks now, and you’re starting to (silently) wish you had listened to your mom when she begged you to reconsider adopting this puppy.

Remember when it was okay that he was biting you, and shitting all over the house? Well, it’s not cute anymore and you’ve just about had it with his disrespect. After all, you rescued him and this is how he repays you?

You’re convinced that he will never learn, and that the rest of your lives together will be a constant battle.

Stage 3: The Breakthrough

A month or so has passed, and you feel as though you can finally breathe again.

He has begun letting you know when he has to go to the bathroom, he has channeled his constant need for biting into rawhides and chew toys rather than your ankles and he has learned some basic commands.

You have stopped condemning yourself for being the worst dog mom in the world, and have finally accepted that raising a puppy was just harder than you expected it to be.

Stage 4: The Ultimate Takeover

You’ve been a dog mom for about a year, and by now you have learned that you are not the one in control anymore.

You find yourself wondering when your dog decided he was allowed to sleep in your bed, or nap on the couch whenever he feels like it.

He has become the King of the house, and despite your efforts to set him in place, you have ultimately surrendered your authority. His happiness means more than anything, and spoiling him has become your priority.

A mom is responsible for raising and maintaining a life, ensuring both health and happiness.

If allowing my dog to sleep in bed with me, and feeding him his favorite human food (Kraft Singles, like most other dogs I presume) every once in a while makes me a bad dog mom; then so be it.

If he is happy, then so am I.

Cover Image Credit: Katherine Murray Photography

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45 Things Day Care Workers Say All Too Often

Toddlers are pretty much tiny, drunk people.

Being the keeper of tiny humans can be a very interesting job. You are constantly breaking up arguments, cleaning up messes, trying to keep them safe, and telling them not to do things that are well, sometimes pretty weird. They do and say the strangest things that'll make you wonder what is really going on in their little heads.

1. "No no no, don't do *something crashes to the floor* ....that."

2. "Bubbles in your mouths every body!"

3. "No, we don't eat our friend's snack."

4. "Hands to yourself."

5. "Get off of the table before you hurt yourself."

6. "Why do we even give them spoons?"

7. "We don't put toys in our mouths"

8. "Did you wash your hands?"

9. "Where do we run? Where are we right now?"

10. "Where are your shoes?"

11. "We don't talk like that here."

12. "Go tell them you're sorry"

13. "Get your finger out of your nose"

14. "Inside voices please!"

15. "Every one find a buddy."

16. "Ew ew ew, some body get me a tissue!"

17. "How did your shoes untie already? I just tied them five minutes ago."

18. "We do nice with our hands."

19. "Oh god, it's spaghetti day."

20. "Please, do not put noodles in your hair."

21. "Hold hands until we are on the play ground!"

22. "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed, one fell off and bumped his head..."

23. "Do you have to poop?"

24. "Well you should at least try."

25. "Why didn't you go to the potty before we went outside."

26. "If I hear "Let it go" one more time..."

27. "Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.."

28. "Mommy and Daddy will come back, I promise."

29. "No, no biting!"

30. "She had it first, you'll just have to wait until she's done."

31. "Ew, why are you dipping everything in applesauce?"

32. "Now, are you going to eat the vegetable with the ranch or just the ranch?"

33. "Then why did you say you weren't eating snack?"

34. "Put your arms back in your sleeves."

35. *Five minutes before closing* "Where are your parents??"

36. "I finally got him to sleep, everyone be quiet."

37. *You see one eye open* "Oh no..."

38. "Wow, all your kids are still sleeping!?" (We wish we said this more often)

39. "Don't eat that, it was on the floor!"

40. "Glue the google eyes on here." *puts the eyes anywhere but there*

41. "Stop fighting over who's going to turn off the lights, you'll get a turn tomorrow."

42. "Don't shove so much food in your mouth at once, you'll choke!"

43. "Chew and swallow your food before you get up."

45. "Don't touch anything until we wash your hands!"

As weird as these small people are, they are some of the sweetest beings on the planet. And although they drive you crazy, at the end of the day, they make you love your job.

Cover Image Credit: http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1223221/images/o-KIDS-MESS-facebook.jpg

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Earth's Environment Is More Important Than Your Convenience

We should all sacrifice our comfort for the world.


Discussions about climate change are not new. According to a study done in 2010, 97% of scientists agree that climate change not only exists but is occurring as we speak. THIS IS A CRAZY PERCENTAGE. For nearly 100% of the scientists on this earth to agree about something, well, that should indicate that it is MOST LIKELY true.

Why do I include these percentages, you ask? Who cares what the scientists agree on? If you think about it if 97% of the Earth's scientific population plus the environmentally conscious citizens of earth believe in global warming and its devastating effects, why isn't more being done to slow the effects of climate change?

This is an interesting time for climate change. It seems persons my age, early and late 20's, have started taking more of an interest in the effect of our actions on our planet. But simply understanding why climate change is occurring and putting a sticker on your laptop that says "Save Our Planet" is not enough. So how do we save the planet you ask? Truthfully, we can't. But we can prolong its life and its resources. We have to stop putting convenience over the health of our environment. The problem here isn't simply that the world is uneducated when it comes to climate change or that there are not enough people interested in preserving the planet, it's the fact that as humans living in the 21st century, we put comfort above all else — even the health of the planet supporting us.

It is rarely frowned upon to change your schedule and miss class or work or another important event because a family member is very sick. It is convenient to drive the four hours home to see your grandmother? Or to leave class because your sister is having her baby? Of course not. The thing is unless you are forbidden, convenience plays no part in your decision to go. It's completely inconvenient, but you wouldn't miss it for the world. While the Earth is not a member of your family, it is very sick. And instead of taking time out of our daily lives to assist our source of sustainment, instead of sacrificing a small amount of our convenience, we choose to let it die.

There are so many small things that we as individuals can accomplish if we only take the time. I assure you this isn't new to you. We hear it everywhere: "Use reusable bags" and "Remember to recycle!" and "Walk or use public transportation." So why don't we all use reusable bags? They're cheap and easy to find. They last for a long time. They come in a variety of sizes and colors. So what's the downside? It's SLIGHTLY inconvenient for us. Instead of walking into the grocery store empty-handed, you have to carry small, lightweight bags. Instead of spending five minutes trying to open a plastic bag at Walmart, you spend five seconds opening the cloth bag you brought along. Then when you get home and unload everything, you can't just throw the bags away. You have to put them away.

While that's just one example, there are one-hundred others. We are a people so concerned with our own comfort and convenience that we fail to understand how our attitude affects the world we live in. The fact of the matter is, putting our convenience over the health of the environment not only harms the environment but the billions of other people on this planet. Instead of shying away from eco-friendly practices because they are not as convenient, find small things you can do to help the environment, commit to doing them, and sacrifice a small amount of comfort to benefit the world — literally.

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