Let's be honest, college is absolutely disgusting. Being a commuter is one thing, but if you are living in the dorms surrounded by people you don't know, you are bound to get grossed out. Here are ___ ways that you are bound to get grossed out in college.

1. You have to learn how to live with a stranger.

Almost every college freshman ends up moving into the on-campus dorms where they will be forced to face a new challenge, getting along with your roommate for the next year. Many people end up loving their roommate while others not so much but either way you will most likely be faced with some struggles involving cleanliness. Everyone has very different routines throughout the day so you may have to take some time to get used to your new roomie's routines and habits.

2. The struggle of shared bathrooms.

College students are gross, especially in the bathroom and that is something you are going to have to get used to in college. To avoid the gross toilets and the showers that haven't been cleaned in a whole day, learn when your custodian cleans the bathrooms and plan accordingly. Pro tip: When all else fails, bathe in bleach.

3. The laundry situation.

Becoming an adult and going to college means many things and one of those new responsibilities is doing your own laundry. If you didn't grow up doing your laundry this may be a new concept to you. When do you wash your clothes? How do the machines work? Can you use laundry pods? How often do you wash your sheets? These are all questions that you may need to answer throughout your time in college so that you can stay clean.

4. Germs are absolutely everywhere!

College students are not only gross but also always sick. In college, there is always an illness you'll have to avoid. You'll learn how to build up your immune system, avoid every illness out there, and how to work through the sickness.