Nursing is a profession that involves a person's whole heart. I may just be a nursing student, but I already know that a nurse pours his or her heart out every day to take care of every aspect of a patient's needs. Nurses don't just deal with your diagnosis, but rather treat you as a whole person. Being a nurse gives you unique experiences and here are 4 that I've experienced so far.

1. You cause people pain, but they will still come to you for comfort.

You become your patient's advocate and closest confidant. Injections and IVs are necessary evils, but the most important role for a nurse is to love on each and every patient.

2. You get to see the entire spectrum of life as a whole.

What other career lets you experience the miracle of life in such a real way? You see a patients' first moment of life and you sit with a patient as they die. You begin to see life in a different way and it is almost surreal.

3. You truly learn that everyone has a story.

You can never make assumptions. Every person has a reason for being there. They each have a past and hope for a future and they all have mothers, fathers, siblings, and spouses who care about them. Some stories are funny and some make you want to cry, but you hear them all.

4. You have the ability to change lives on the daily.

You may not feel like a superhero every day, but there are certain moments that you know can change that patient's life forever. Again, because you are the patient's closest confidant, they trust you and the help you can give them. Nurses have a chance to be a blessing every day on the floor.

Nursing is no doubt a hard job. Some days it will feel like all you do is give, but it is all worth it for a handful of impactful moments that you'll never forget. I can't wait to begin my career as a nurse and to start changing lives!