4 Pet Peeves That Every Environmentalist Has
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4 Pet Peeves That Every Environmentalist Has

Keep your garbage in your car.

4 Pet Peeves That Every Environmentalist Has
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Being an environmentalist these days is not an easy job. Instead of benefits such as a dental insurance, this job entails a lot of pet peeves. As if it weren’t tough enough being nearly voiceless in a time and country like this, people just do things that irk you. Here are a few pet peeves that people who care about the environment have.

1. When people throw garbage out of their car windows.

It's really not difficult to keep your Snickers wrapper in the cupholder for a few minutes until you reach your destination and find a trash can. The earth isn't asking for a plastic hairdo. It's okay if you throw your orange peel or your apple core on the ground near a tree in the park. Your wax paper from McDonald's and your chip bag can wait in the car, though. I would be happy to show you what a trash can looks like if you ever have the time. (Hint: it doesn't look like a patch of grass.)

2. When people call environmentalists mean words.

If you happen to have a housekeeper, you wouldn't call her anything mean, would you? Then please don't refer to people who care about our home as hippies, or any other epithet. Environmentalists are doing the work that you fail to recognize as important. If you judge people who pick up garbage in the park, please stop littering. If you think that the brave people who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline are crazy, take a moment to educate yourself on the subject. And if you have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation of environmental issues, please refrain from saying anything at all.

3. When people don't care about their home.

I really don't understand why some people have no level of concern for environmental issues. The earth is in trouble because of us. If you fail to realize this, please look up articles, infographics, and any other information about environmental issues. I hope it at least prompts you to start recycling or to ride your bike once in a while. It's the least you can do to protect your home. Imagine if you owned a really nice house that is only available once in a lifetime, and it sprung a leak. And then the ceiling started to crumble and the roof caved in and the whole house just fell apart. You would try to fix the leak as soon as you can, right? Of course you would want to prevent any further damage. The case should be the same for earth.

4. When people deny global warming

No. Do not tell me that you don't believe in global warming. If you claim that the earth isn't getting warmer because today was colder than yesterday, go read a science textbook. Inform yourself! You can start with this infographic (which should terrify you). It's a serious issue that needs to be addressed in the near future if we want to prevent a disaster. The impact of our actions is really evident. Educate yourself and please do your part to protect our environment.

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