4 Life Lessons Learned From 'Wedding Crashers'

As we all know, "Wedding Crashers" came out back in 2005. I was a little young to watch the movie but walked in on my older sister watching it. It was hilarious and to this day I can relate the most to Vince Vaughn's character Jeremy. Fast forward to now, I'm a senior in college and can still honestly watch this movie again for the billionth time, and then annoy my family, friends, and people on social media with many memes, quotes, and references. Oh well, typical Syeda. Here are four life lessons I learned from "Wedding Crashers."

"No excuses — play like a champ." Seriously with everything in life, be a champ! Never give up, never surrender. Vince Vaughn's character Jeremy started out as someone who hated relationships and putting his guard down. Wow this sounds like me, again so relatable. Towards the end he decides to get married and finally grow up. It is fun to see his character become so soft and lovable.

"I'm not perfect, but who are we kidding, neither are you." Hey, let's get one thing straight, if someone tells you that you have flaws, accept it. Don't let anyone make you feel bad about being human. Jeremy always felt like he could never belong. During the game of touch football he was seriously athletically challenged and kept getting hurt. But in the movie he finds a girl who celebrates and even loves his flaws and that is what life is about. If we don't expect the fact that us humans can make irrational mistakes, we will never be able to overcome failures and celebrate our triumphs.

"Wow, Mr. Environmental is also a hunter... That's an interesting combination." Jeremy was great at pointing out when people were being hypocritical. When Bradley Cooper's character was claiming to be this amazing guy wanting to change the environment, Jeremy was quick to to call him out in front of his whole family. I feel like we all have people in our lives who have challenged us and made life a little difficult. There's always that person in everyone's family who wants to be the "good one" by making you look bad. In these situations, stand up for yourself like Jeremy and make everyone laugh in the process.

"Never leave a fellow crasher behind." If you go to a family party, get together, or anywhere you don't know a soul, always take a friend or coworker with you because you never know what could happen if you go alone. Seriously you never know what to expect. People will be all like "Oh my god! Come over, my family's not that crazy!"; yikes turns out they are but guess what, you have your "crasher" to have your back and make the awkward and uncomfortable time actually enjoyable.

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