4 Ideas For Tinder First Dates
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4 Ideas For Tinder First Dates

Confused on where to take your Tinder date?

4 Ideas For Tinder First Dates

Entering into the dating world could get frustrating because there are many different kinds of people. Especially in the 20s-30s age group. New dating apps are emerging such as Tinder, Grindr, and Badoo. Social media is becoming the new way for singles to mingle and hookup with each other. It all starts with messaging, then talking about possible feelings, and then hoping to met in person. But what to do when choosing a first date? Do you take her/him to the movies? Take her/him to get some ice cream? Below are four ideas for first dates.


Taking a soon to be girlfriend or boyfriend to the park is a way to show you are different. Letting your significant lover get exposed to nature on the first date. This would let your new lover know that you are not all about sex, also that you not all about sex. This shows them your romantic side. Go to a park that is not as popular and a park that is safe. While sitting on the bench, you all can point funny shapes of clouds in the sky, glance at everyday life passing, or talk about the future.


This date is going to be one to remember because of you all will probably fall on the floor. Just make sure no one goes to the emergency room. This will be a fabulous experience to laugh about in the future. Especially, if you all turn out to be a long lasting couple. Go skating during a special event at the ring. If you are a male, then allow her to fall into your arms while skating. If you are a female out on the date, then allow the male to help you skate. Skating has always been a fun and enjoyable things to do.


This one might just be the place to take that special new someone on a date. Going to a museum was expose the intellect in anyone. When walking if they can name a designer of a frame or an artwork, then please keep them. This means they did their homework and studied like crazy. If you are testing to see if this new special someone will be a long lasting person, then taking them to a museum is the best way to find out. A person that is not really interested in getting to know will look bored and uninterested.

Sports Game

Going on a first date to a sports game could get challenging. Not everyone girl likes sports and most guys love sports. This would be a good date to see whether your date supports sports and whether your date even likes your favorite team. Choose an usually sport such as horse racing, soccer, or hockey.

These are four of the best first date idea for either female or male. So they person you recently met on Tinder or any other dating app/site, pick a place to take them. Any of these dates could be a good time or just change your life.

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