4 Heartwarming Stories, Brought To You By Girl Scout Cookies
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4 Heartwarming Stories, Brought To You By Girl Scout Cookies

The cookies are more than delicious.

4 Heartwarming Stories, Brought To You By Girl Scout Cookies

Every year, the Girl Scout troops across the nation bless us with their delicious cookies, and every year, there are heartwarming stories caused by the annual sale. Below are a few.

Northglenn, Colorado:

Katie Hurley has been in the Girl Scouts for six years and is a very active member of her troop. It is because of the annual cookie sale that Katie has been able to come out of her comfort zone and gain the courage to talk to strangers and be less shy.

Due to Katie overcoming her shyness and being able to talk to strangers, she earned herself the Medal of Honor, an award given to Girl Scouts who help save someone's life. Katie's mom, Kristen, is a diabetic, and one night, her blood sugar dropped to a threatening level, resulting in her collapsing. Katie thought fast and called 911.

In the middle of this extremely stressful situation, Katie was able to stay calm and get the help needed for her mother. Katie is one of only 28 girls in Girl Scouts history to receive the Medal of Honor award. She hopes her story will help encourage other girls to get out of their comfort zones.

Scotch Plains, New Jersey:

While you would think citizens have become used to the annual cookie sale put on by local Girl Scouts, for one New Jersey troop, that was not the case.

Two sisters, Natalie and Angelina Skolar, were selling cookies in their neighborhood when a neighbor came out of their own home and started yelling at them, claiming nobody wanted their cookies. After their mother wrote about the incident on her personal Facebook, something amazing happened.

After an employee of the Fanwood Police Department saw the post, he asked for an order form and came back with an order for 250 boxes, worth about $1,000.

Albert Lea, Minnesota

After hearing about the Girl Scouts' Cookie Share program, which donates cookies to those serving in the armed forces, the Hanson sisters of Albert Lea, Minnesota, got an idea of their own. Every year, when it's time to sell cookies for their Girl Scouts troop, they look to the residents of Thorne Crest Retirement Community. Instead of asking them again this year though, they donated more than 400 cookies to the veterans who live there.

Galena, Illinois

Adria Ramey was inspired by her father's allergies to corn, barley and milk to develop a new kind of Girl Scout cookie.

Ramey's father wasn't diagnosed until 2014, so he knew the joys the cookies his daughter sold every year brought. So, for Adria's Gold Award Project, she decided to create recipes for the cookies that people with food allergies could enjoy.

The Gold Award is the highest honor a Girl Scout can receive, and to earn it, the project must have a lasting impact.

Thanks to Adria, those with food allergies can now enjoy her version of Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Shortbread and Sugar Cookies.

What an amazing difference these girls make in the world.

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