4 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be True
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4 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be True

Do Aliens Exist? Does the Illuminati? Probably.

4 Crazy Conspiracy Theories That Might Actually Be True

Call me crazy, but there is a lot that we don't know. I'm not just talking about aliens and faked moon landings; although those are a part of it. There are many conspiracy theories that people like to ridicule, but that doesn't mean they're not true. Whether you believe in them or just think they're fun to learn about, here are my top favorite conspiracy theories.

1. The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is one of the craziest theories I've ever heard, and I'd be lying if I didn't say it made me cry more than once. Basically, this theory says that at certain points in time, the universe we know shifts into an alternate or parallel universe without us noticing, but sometimes, a group of people may remember certain things from the previous universe.

The most popular of these is the Berenstein/Berenstain Bears. This TV and book series about a family of bears is what really kicked off the popularity of this theory. Most people remember The Berenstein Bears as the title. However, when people look back at old books, VHS tapes, shows, and merchandise, it was never actually Berenstein — it has always been Berenstain.

There's plenty of other effects with spelling, but it's not just that. The name comes from a bunch of people remembering Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s; however, he actually died in 2013. When this happened, a ton of people said they remembered watching his funeral decades ago. The same happened when Gene Wilder died.

Movies are another great source of examples for the Mandela Effect. For example, Darth Vader never actually said, "Luke, I am your father." The line is actually "No, I am your father." The crazy thing here is even James Earl Jones says he remembers the line starting with "Luke." In Snow White, the Evil Queen never says "Mirror, mirror on the wall." She says "Magic mirror on the wall." Forrest Gump actually said, "Life was like a box chocolates." When Sally Field won an Oscar, she didn't say "You like me! You really like me!" She actually said, "You like me! Right now, you like me!" All of these quotes have been quoted time and time again, but when you go back to the originals, it turns out, they never actually happened. At least not in the universe we are currently in. Oh, and that movie called Shazaam where Sinbad played a genie? Doesn't exist.

2. Aliens

This is a deep, dark hole that anyone can easily get lost in. There are books and documentaries and so much information on aliens that I could literally go on forever. Here are just a few examples that really freak me out when it comes to not only the existence of alien life forms, but their presence on earth as well.

During a government meeting, Paul Hellyer, the Canadian minister of defense, said there are at least four species that have been visiting earth for THOUSANDS of years. He claims two of them are working with the American government, including a species called the "tall white." You can Google this and find the video of this man actually saying these words. And he's not just a crazy conspiracy theorist. He is an intelligent engineer and politician, and he believes in these aliens. How can you not believe him?

In 1997, on a radio talk show, a guy who claimed to previously work at Area 51 called in to tell the world that aliens exist. Freaking out, he told the radio station that the aliens are here to take over, and had already worked on taking over the American military. Just as he was about to tell the world how they were going to do it, the phone mysteriously cuts off and the radio station lost connection.

There have been people who capture UFOs on video. There are astronauts who claim they saw space ships, people who claim they have had encounters. I don't doubt that some are fake, but I think it's foolish not to believe that there is other life out there. And if there is other life, what's stopping them from coming to Earth?

3. New World Order

I'm sure by now, most people have heard about the Illuminati. Everyone has a vague sense of who they are, even if it's just knowing that Beyonce throws up the Illuminati triangle every now and then.

The Illuminati started as an elite secret society during the Enlightenment who wanted to oppose different abuses of power. Over the years, the group has formed into the world's elite who are trying to take over the whole world and create the New World Order. Many celebrities are believed to be part of this group. Many elite politicians are either a part of the group or are being controlled by the group. Tons of assassinations or supposed suicides have been linked with the group. Again, I can go on forever about this theory, but here are the two theories about the Illuminati that really freak me out.

Marilyn Monroe supposedly died of a drug overdose. Now, it's no secret she was involved with President John F. Kennedy and maybe later his younger brother Robert Kennedy. The Kennedy family is believed to be one of the top families in the Illuminati. They're rich, they're powerful, they've been around for a while — it's not hard to see why. Now supposedly, Marilyn Monroe had a red diary where she kept secrets about the Kennedy family — hint: red is a color associated with the Illuminati. She threatened to publish it, so Robert Kennedy and her doctor had her killed to protect these secrets. There's more to the theory, both with an association to the Illuminati and without, but if she had information on the Illuminati (or aliens, as some people believe,) it wouldn't be ridiculous for the Illuminati to have killed her. Google Illuminati murders and you'll see that there's plenty of people who have supposedly been killed by the group.

The second craziest theory involves the Denver Airport. Not only does this airport look creepy, with a demonic horse statue that has glowing red eyes and a bunch of hellish murals and imagery throughout the place, but it is believed to be the safe haven for the Illuminati when the end of the world comes. The airport was built with a crazy underground tunnel system that was supposedly going to be used to make the luggage system more efficient. However, once the airport was built, these tunnels were never used. They claimed they didn't work properly and didn't have the money to fix them, but conspiracy theorists don't believe that story. They think these underground tunnels are really meant to protect the Illuminati and the world's elite in the case of total destruction or nuclear warfare. Some people believe that this destruction is the only way for the New World Order to happen. So when the rest of the world is ending, the Illuminati will take shelter underneath the Denver Airport. Some people believe the tunnel system goes all across the country so that Illuminati members from all over will be able to get there. Either way, this airport is full of mystery and is honestly pretty creepy.

4. Project MKUltra

Project MKUltra is actually something that really happened. It's not just a theory, though the specifics of it aren't fully known.

Between the early 1950s and 1973, the United States government conducted a number of experiments, many of which were illegal on human subjects. The goal of these projects? To develop a form of mind control to use against enemies. People were drugged and tortured to try to find a way to alter different brain functions. LSD and other drugs, as well as physical, sexual, and mental abuse were used to try to control people. Not only were these experiments done illegally, but many of the subjects didn't know what the experiments were or even that they were being tested on. Medical professionals weren't even on site in case something went wrong.

The point of this was to keep up with the USSR during the Cold War. The CIA apparently thought the USSR already had developed mind control methods, and they wanted to keep up to be able to win the war.

People who were part of these experiments have spoken out about their experience as subjects for this. They've talked about how the experiences have altered their entire lives, and some of them were even children when it happened.

This project was incredibly widespread. It eventually got moved to Canada, but before that 44 American universities, 15 research foundations or chemical and pharmaceutical companies, 12 hospitals, and three prisons participated in these experiments.

After the Watergate scandal was revealed, the CIA director Richard Helms ordered the files for these experiments be destroyed. Because of this, a full investigation became impossible.

Some people believe this project is still going on. One popular theory is that the Illuminati is using it to control people. There are videos of celebrities "glitching," which some people attribute to the mind control project going wrong — or those could be clones glitching, but that's a theory for another time.

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